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3月 042015
Numerous studies and statistics point to the fact that in just a few short years the need for people with analytics skills could significantly outpace supply. With so much talk around the analytics skills gap and the growing market for analytic talent, we wanted to highlight a variety of avenues […]
6月 192014
Last month, SAS launched our new no-cost software for higher education teaching, learning and research – SAS® University Edition. Available to students, professors, academic researchers and lifelong learners, SAS University Edition provides local access to BASE SAS®, SAS/STAT® software, SAS® Studio, SAS/IML® software and SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files. SAS University Edition […]
8月 132013
Do you have “dead data”?  Data that is not relevant or trustworthy? Data that muddles reports and makes data-driven decision making difficult, or even impossible, to manage? If you do, you are in good company as this is an enormous problem throughout higher education. Not to mention, as with all [...]
4月 302013
Dr. Goutam Chakraborty, founder of Oklahoma State University’s SAS Data Mining Certificate Program, was honored at SAS Global Forum with the 2013 SAS Distinguished Professor award. The award is given to individuals for innovative use of SAS in teaching and/or research, and supporting successful student use of SAS. Last year, [...]