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5月 052012
We are half way through my blog series counting to 10 best practices for information management, reporting and analytics. To recap, we have learned the importance of: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs. Identifying and integrating data sources. Managing user expectations proactively. This [...]
4月 242012
So far in our journey of the best practices for information management, reporting and analytics, we have learned about the importance of securing executive sponsorship,   having a solid understanding of stakeholders needs and integrating all the data needed to make this happen. Now that stakeholders realize that you know their [...]
4月 152012
Data is everywhere,and getting to and managing that information is vital for accurate reporting, analysis and proactive decision making. This brings us to Best Practice # 3: Identify and Integrate Authoritative, Trusted Data Sources. As you might remember, these tips all come from my interviews with SAS education customers. From Best [...]
4月 062012
As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I am sharing best practices that I learned from talking to education customers about successful implement ions of information management, reporting and analytics at their K-12 school district or higher education institutions. In that first post, we learned about the importance of securing executive [...]
3月 272012
As the Industry Marketing Manager for Education at SAS, I get to talk to lots of education customers about how they’re using SAS software.  I hear the many great things they’re doing with SAS and often wonder: What is the secret of their success? So I started working with our [...]
12月 152011
Texas citizens have an unprecedented view into the effectiveness of The University of Texas System, powered by SAS® Analytics and SAS Business Intelligence software.