12月 232015

I was reading through Deloitte University Press' 2015 Holiday Spending survey - the results were interesting, but their graph made you jump through mental hoops to understand the data. So of course I used SAS to create a simpler version of the graph, so you'll have more time for holiday shopping! […]

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12月 222015

Santa Claus and his elves are gearing up for another holiday season, busy filling orders and wrapping gifts for all of the good little boys and girls. Since snowglobes are popular gifts this year, Santa Claus has dedicated an entire department to build and wrap the 32,768 snowglobe orders that […]

A fun holiday problem in PROC IML was published on SAS Voices.

12月 022014
The holidays are sometimes chaotic, especially for those tasked with analyzing consumer shopping data! I would like to share a few tips on adding order to your chaotic data. SAS recently published an interesting article, sharing the results from a consumer survey. The infographics in the article showed high-level summary information, but there […]
12月 102013
This blog shows several "graphical analytics" examples, using holiday-related data... Since we're in the holiday season, I thought I would pull together several examples of my SAS graphs & maps of holiday-related topics (similar to my holiday blog in 2012, if you're a "long term follower"). Some are nice/technical examples, and [...]
11月 252013
Live chat on happens in a pop-up window by request or if our visitor appears to need help.

Screenshot of a live chat window on

Communicating with prospects and customers is one of the most important roles we have in the SAS Marketing Contact Center, and live chat is one of the most popular channels.  We gain valuable insights from the transcript data, and our data has also shown that we enhance our website visitors' experience.

What's refreshing about live chat is how much it reflects the wide spectrum of thoughts that might be on peoples' minds at any given moment. Live chat on is usually to talk turkey    (something related to our software), or perhaps about content on our website.

And then we get a surprise every once in a while that gives us a chuckle, so we thought we'd share. Here is the list of our top 10 favorites:

  1. what is the meaning of life?
  2. are you a computer or a real people still in the office?
  3. I have a potential client who asks if we teach SAS. I know little about SAS.  What should I know.
  4. if you don't renew the license can you still use the software?
  5. I am building entrepreneur starts by building people's under utilized skills into a complete market validating offering. Thank you.  Would like to stay at the conversation level at this point.
  6. Do you have a product to help me with my 10K?
  7. Is this your picture that i see on the chat session?
  8. i am trying to activate SPSS 19, asks for a authorization number. i have the serial number
  9. This is LARRY, my wife takes Elmiron for I C is there any cost reduction or assistance available for this?
  10. hello i agree best company in world work for there are alot an so many large bad ones you would not belive the stealing from ceo companys mis treating employees when there the best people in the world just bad companys your the best for a reason thanks john here by

Of course, SAS is not the only company that has live chat support on our website. With the Thanksgiving holiday right around the corner, it make me think about companies like Butterball.  On the Butterball website, live chat is a lifeline for cooks across the country needing support while preparing their holiday turkey.  Sometimes their chat agents hear from some really strange birds. (Pun intended!)  Here are my top 10 favorites:

  1. "If I put my phone in the turkey, can you tell me if it's done?"
  2. "How can I be sure it's dead?"
  3. "Transfer me to the gravy department."
  4. "Given the current market, am I better off renting a turkey?"
  5. "Can I buy an extended warranty for my turkey?"
  6. "I've never cooked a turkey before--is it like cooking a raccoon?"
  7. "When will the 2005 models be released?"
  8. "Did you know your telephone number is one off from the gutterball bowling hotline?"
  9. "What's the best kind of stuffing to shoot from a cannon?"
  10. "Martha here--how big a turkey should I get for 1,500 hungry female cons?"

Thanks for taking time to listen in on these chats. If you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday where you live, I wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

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