industrial internet of things

4月 202020

Today, many assets across multiple industries are becoming more instrumented and connected to enterprise platforms to provide additional insight into their health and operation. IDC estimates that Internet of Things (IoT) investment will reach $1.12 trillion in 2023. One important area for many industrial organizations that are focused in using [...]

An approach to enabling predictive maintenance for industrial assets was published on SAS Voices by Sanjeev Heda

9月 282017

One of the best parts of my job is hearing about all the cool ways people are using data for good. Increasingly, many of these stories are related to the Internet of Things, including: Smart pills that help patients stick to their treatment regimens. These ingestible sensors can monitor patients’ [...]

Bringing intelligence to the Internet of Things was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

8月 042017

The dramatic drop in crude oil prices from the highs above $100USD per barrel down to levels around $50 per barrel is one of the drivers behind the industry’s march towards improved operating efficiency.  Along the corridors of Independent Oil Companies (IOCs) and National Oil Companies (NOCs), machine learning and [...]

Reaching target oil production levels with IIoT was published on SAS Voices by Keith Holdaway