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4月 262018

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11月 122014

A Twitter what? Chat? With @SASAnalytics and @IndustryWeek? About World Quality Day?
How do I get in on this? #whatsatwitterchat #whydothis

See how I did that? In 139 characters too. Yep, I thought that would catch your eye. Now that I have your attention, please mark your calendar for our World Quality Day Twitter chat event with IndustryWeek magazine – it’s well worth an hour of your time. It happens on Thursday, November 13, 2015 at 11:00a.m. - 12:00noon ET on Twitter at #WQChat

World Quality Day Twitter Chat is at 11am ET on Thursday, Nov. 13, 2015If you’re not familiar with it, a Twitter chat (or tweet chat) is a free online event at a designated time with a set of questions around one topic. The host account poses questions to their followers using a specific hashtag. Anyone in the Twitter sphere can search that hashtag and participate in the conversation – usually involving thought leaders, practitioners and many people who are simply interested in the topic.

Why a chat on quality, you ask? Simply put, the manufacturing business world revolves around quality and it’s a core element of business strategy. TQM, ISO 9000, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, Deming, Baldridge are all terms you may have heard in relation to quality management.

And quality is important for manufacturing to be sure – but it’s also important to marketers because it usually forms the basis for the customer experience. A recent blog post on customer loyalty by my colleague John Balla cited a great quote from research conducted by Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management:

A good loyalty program will not make up for
below average service, or poor product quality or selection.

It follows that with mass global commoditization, manufacturers that do not meet or exceed standards for quality and reliability quickly become irrelevant and non-existent.

So can you consider it “quality time” to participate in this Twitter chat? Absolutely! And I say that with five nines of confidence (99.999%). In this chat, you’ll get a sense of what your peers and others are thinking about quality. You’ll have a chance to share your perspectives freely and without any agendas. It also allows you to build your brand by demonstrating commitment to subject matter. Hopefully you’ll learn something and find people to follow you and vice-versa. Look at it as a blend of networking and market research. Add in that you can participate from the convenience of your own desk (couch, or recliner), and you have a no-brainer opportunity.

The question then becomes why not participate in the chat?

Now that your curiosity is piqued, plan to join us for the upcoming Twitter chat on World Quality Day - November 13, 2015. It happens between 11:00a.m. and 12:00noon ET on Twitter at #WQChat.

Together with IndustryWeek we’ll all get to discuss quality and how it impacts the world of manufacturing through the use of analytics. Simply log onto Twitter and follow the #WQChat hashtag for the event. You can easily open two windows of your browser—one to follow the conversation and the other to type questions or responses. For the more Twitter-savvy, consider using a platform such as TweetDeck to follow the conversation.

And for the sake of being socially relevant, you can contact me @armacdowell with questions.

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