2月 142018

You might have seen a SAS Global Forum infographic floating around the web. And maybe you  wondered how you might create something similar using SAS software? If so, then this blog's for you - I have created my own version of the infographic using SAS/Graph, and I'll show you how [...]

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11月 092017

I recently saw an alarming article on social media about an outbreak of airborne plague spreading from Madagascar to Africa (and potentially to the rest of the world). The plague?!? - I thought that only happened hundreds of years ago?!? I don't really trust news on Facebook, so I went [...]

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3月 282017

How many meteorites have hit the earth in the last 4,000 years? Where have they landed? And which ones were the biggest? Can we show all of this information - and more in an intuitive data visualization? It turns out NASA provides public data about recorded meteorite impacts on earth all the [...]

How to design a meteorite infographic using NASA data and SAS was published on SAS Voices by Falko Schulz

4月 112013
I haven't seen an official definition of 'infographic' that I really like ... but in my mind it's something 1/2 way between data visualization & artwork.  It borrows elements from graphs & dashboards, and combines that with an artistic poster. If you perform a Google image search on infographic you'll see [...]