Information Management

12月 192013
In my previous post, I talked about planning your MDM initiative and the importance of data quality and data governance to the effort. Today, we're going to drill in a bit into Master Data Management Foundations, a SAS offering unique in the marketplace that serves as a bridge between data [...]
12月 182012
When I first thought about writing a blog post about data management, picking a topic was an obvious, if daunting, first step. The challenges facing both IT and business are increasing in the era of bigger, more complex and more immediate data. My experience working with organizations across a variety [...]
7月 242012
We have come very far in our journey (I started this series in March) to the 10 best practices from education customers for information management, reporting and analytics. Lets’ recap our journey of the previous nine blogs: Securing executive sponsorship. Identifying and involving stakeholders early and assessing their unique needs. [...]