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6月 222015

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Hello, I’m Jennifer Waller, your SAS Global Forum 2016 conference chair. This is the first of several blogs I’ll be writing to help keep you informed about the conference and ways you can get involved.

Because of my background in education, I’m especially excited about a new initiative at this year’s conference that showcases the next generation of analytics professionals.

The SAS® Student Symposium is a program designed to add to the great content that will be presented by users and SAS at the conference April 19-21, 2016 held at The Venetian in Las Vegas, NV.

About the SAS® Student Symposium

The SAS® Student Symposium, an initiative of the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board (SGUGEB) and SAS, is a competition where teams of 2-4 students and a faculty mentor work together to submit a paper to SAS Global Forum 2016 that answers a question of their choice on one of the provided publicly available “big data” sets using SAS analytics.

The goal of the symposium is to provide an outreach program for university students to enhance their SAS skills, increase their understanding of SAS products and solutions to solve real world problems, and develop a peer network of SAS users from other universities that use SAS for mutual benefit. The symposium will enhance the Student Ambassador and Student Scholarship programs that provide other avenues for students to attend SAS Global Forum and learn from other users and SAS experts.

Working together with SAS, the SGUGEB has been able to create a cloud-based solution where no less than 12 “big” publicly available data sets will be housed and each student team will have access to the data and a comprehensive set of SAS software products for the competition. Teams will define a problem, execute the appropriate analyses using SAS software and submit a paper that defines the problem, describes the analysis performed and presents the results in such a manner as to be of use in industry, government, or education.

How to register for the SAS® Student Symposium

Registration for the SAS® Student Symposium will be open from July – October. Software and data will be provided to the teams from August 24 – October 31. So students, get your teams ready.

The team submissions will be evaluated by a panel of independent analytical professionals from the SAS User community and 8 semi-finalist teams will be selected to attend SAS Global Forum 2016 and present their project in an oral 20-minute session for the final competition.  First, second and third place winning teams will be announced during the last General Session on Thursday at the conference.  Learn more about the SAS® Student Symposium at

How the SAS® Student Symposium benefits the analytics community

While attending the conference, the SAS® Student Symposium will provide a great opportunity for industry leaders, government employees, and educators to see the imagination, innovation and creativity of students who will be soon joining the workforce.  Each day we, as SAS users in our chosen fields, are asked to open the envelope just a little bit more for the projects we work on and provide a faster, better, and cleaner solution.  SAS Global Forum provides the opportunity to see some truly innovative uses of SAS by users and SAS employees alike.  Time and again, students provide these elegant SAS solutions and I am awed by their abilities.

Join me at SAS Global Forum 2016 (conference registration is open now) to learn just how imaginative, innovative and creative these students are.

Here’s my interview with Inside Analytics host, Anna Brown, where I explain what else I’m looking forward to at next year's conference.


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4月 242015

There’s a common aphorism that everything is bigger in Texas. So when SAS decided to host SAS Global Forum and SAS Global Forum Executive Conference in Dallas - it had to go big.

Both conferences will kick off Sunday evening with a Texas-sized crowd of more than 4,500 attendees. But if you’re not there, you can still tap into the valuable information being shared.


New this year, you can watch live video from both conferences happening April 26-29. Everything from opening session, keynotes, Tech Talks and live reports will be streaming live online. Missed something? No worries. The videos will also be available on-demand.

You can also watch the Inside SAS Global Forum video series. Co-hosts Anna Brown and Chris Hemedinger will take you “inside” the event to give you an idea of what people are talking about. The videos will cover the latest technologies and areas of focus, as well as interviews from customers who are getting a handle on big data through analytics.

Here’s Anna and Chris with a preview on what you can expect at the conference.

All the videos can be found on the SAS Global Forum video portal.


I’ll be attending about a dozen sessions and events at the conference, and blogging right here on SAS Users. You can also find even more content on the entire SAS family of blogs.

Social media

If you’re not liking or following us yet – now’s the time. The hashtags are #SASGF15 (SAS Global Forum) and #SASEC15 (SAS Global Forum Executive Conference). Join the conversation or just follow along to find great information to watch, read and share.

Safe travels to everyone heading to Dallas. #SASGF15orBust

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1月 242014

I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Marje Fecht was selected as the conference chair for SAS Global Forum 2014. This was April 2011, and I was at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas. That's not my usual "clubbing" scene, but we were at the kickback party for SAS Global Forum 2011. And Marje told me the news herself.

This moment impressed me for two reasons. First, I was amazed at how early the planning begins for future conferences. We were still in the middle of the 2011 conference and the committee was already assembling the team for the 2014 conference, which seemed FOREVER away.

Second, and perhaps more notable, Marje seemed super-enthused about this appointment. She had just volunteered for a boat-load of work that was going to occupy her for the next 3-or-so years. SAS Global Forum is run by volunteers, and no one personifies the extent of that commitment more than the conference chair. This was going to take over a big chunk of her life, and she was smiling. Actually, she was beaming!

It occurred to me then (and it's been confirmed since) that Marje is a person with a lot of ideas. She and the rest of the committee have put these ideas to work over the past 3 years, and we're now seeing the results. SAS Global Forum 2014 has a renewed focus on content, and on making sure that all attendees can find the right content that fits their needs and the needs of the companies they work for.

I recently asked Marje about the theme of the conference (Potential of One, Power of All) and about the focus on content. As it happens, some video cameras caught our candid-and-completely-unplanned conversation. Watch the video to hear Marje discuss how everything about the conference is designed to match you up with the best information. You'll even hear how the new content navigator can help you to assemble an agenda before you register -- something that can buoy your business case for attending!

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10月 152013

Don't ask me how it happened, but in my quest for even more SAS fame, I managed to muscle my way onto the set for Inside SAS Global Forum, the video series that focuses on everything that you need to know about SAS Global Forum 2014. After a brief cooling off period, my cohost Anna Brown was gracious enough to share some screen time with me.

As done in previous years, the Inside SAS Global Forum videos will keep you informed, entertained, and excited (we hope!) about the upcoming SAS Global Forum conference. The video series kicks off earlier than usual this year with an important message: it's time to submit your paper and poster ideas for the 2014 conference!

Watch and share this first video installment, in which Anna talks about the venue: Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, DC. And I share my tips for how to craft a can't-miss conference paper or poster.

In future editions, we'll interview some of the key players who plan and present at the conference -- among them Marje Fecht, the conference chair for 2014. Stay tuned!

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4月 252013

There's nothing like SAS Global Forum and no place like San Francisco! Everyone around me is packing up cameras and notebooks, including SAS' roving reporter Anna Brown. For those who can't make it this year, Anna's Inside SAS Global Forum video series is the next best thing to being there. From the time everyone arrives at Moscone West until the last booth is taken down, Anna will be capturing the best of this year's conference. Stay tuned to this channel to:

  • Hear what SAS executives have to say about Big Data, Visual Analytics and other hot topics
  • Recognize the work of statisticians and the International Year of Statistics
  • Meet students who benefit from your SAS Student Ambassador Program
  • Learn how one user predicts the best cricket players in the Indian Premier League
  • Watch live streaming video from sasglobalforum at
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5月 162012

Annette Harris spends several minutes during this video extolling many of the high-performance virtues of Pete Lund, Information Systems Manager, Looking Glass Analytics. One thing she didn't mention (it was mentioned to me later) is that Pete is a long-time member of SAS-L. Do you know how many other SAS User Feedback Award Winners have also been SAS-Lers?


Watch live streaming video from sasglobalforum2012 at


Here is a list of some of the SUGI, SAS Global Forum and SUG papers that Lund has published.

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5月 112012

Part of what captivated me about this paper and poster presentation were the presenters - these guys are high school kids using SAS to do a visual analysis of Internet use by high schoolers. The idea was so compelling that Anna Brown and Inside SAS Global Forum went to talk to two of the presenters to learn what they researched and why they started the project.


Watch live streaming video from sasglobalforum2012 at


Aren't these guys fascinating?! They are definitely going to be competing for one of the sexy statistician jobs of the future! How can you use their inspiration in your research?

Here's a link to their paper, "A Week in the Life”: A Visual Analysis of Internet Use by School-Age Students.

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5月 092012

So, when you go to the game, do you buy a hot dog, a beer and a banner before the first quarter? Do you buy them all from the same vendor? Do you go back during the half? Does the score impact how much money you spend on concessions? All of these questions and more are being considered by Orlando Magic as data points in the customer experience.

Watch this great Inside SAS Global Forum interview with Anna Brown and Anthony Perez, Director of Business Strategy with the Orlando Magic.




Read this fantastic SAS Global Forum 2012 paper about creating the customer experience by Toshi Tsuboi. Tsuboi writes, "If you are involved in a consumer-oriented business, you probably get a sense that consumers are never satisfied....while you strive to provide them with what they want, if you mess up just once, they decide to tell everyone around the globe about it using Twitter and Facebook.

This change in customer expectations was foreseen back in 1999 by B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore in a book titled The Experience Economy. They described a new economy they called the experience economy, in which experience is the new currency. They argue that businesses must orchestrate memorable events for their customers, and that memory, or "experience," becomes the product. If a business is more advanced in providing experiences, that business can begin charging for the value of the transformation that an experience offers."

Intrigued? Read the paper.

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5月 072012

SAS already has some cool mobile Business Intelligence apps. Now, Scott McQuiggan tells Anna Brown, in this Inside SAS Global Forum interview, that you can view the really cool high-performance analytics reports that you've created on your desktop - right from your mobile device. Check this out!!



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