International Women’s Day

3月 052020

Fifty years ago, as the women’s liberation movement was gaining momentum in the U.S., my maternal great-grandmother, Pearl, worked in a factory sewing American flags while volunteering with the Girl Scouts and caring for her grandchildren. My paternal grandmother, Greta, also worked in local factories while caring for her family. [...]

50 years of strong, intelligent women was published on SAS Voices by Ashley Binder

3月 042020

I'm a planner, and my plan was to have a completely natural birth and to breast feed only. This plan was written in stone (or so I thought). Long story short – my birthing plan flew out the window. One of my complications was very high blood pressure, which refused [...]

Breast milk, babies, NCSU students and SAS/OR was published on SAS Voices by Natalia Summerville