Internet of Things

7月 062017

In an IoT world, everything is connected. But what does it mean to be connected? Does it mean being plugged in to your phone, car, home, TV, favorite apps and retailers? Does it mean knowing what’s happening all around you? And having the “things” you’re connected to acting as recommender [...]

Are you getting the most out of consumer IoT data? was published on SAS Voices by Norm Marks

6月 272017

Let me start by posing a question: "Are you forecasting at the edge to anticipate what consumers want or need before they know it?"  Not just forecasting based on past demand behavior, but using real-time information as it is streaming in from connected devices on the Internet of Things (IoT). [...]

Forecasting at the edge for real-time demand execution was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

4月 042017

Two minutes in, I knew the 2017 SAS Global Forum Technology Connection would be anything but typical or average. Maybe that’s because SAS’ Chief Technology Officer Oliver Schabenberger was running the show, and nothing he does is ever typical or average. His first surprise of the morning was his entrance. [...]

Impressive technology, surprising connections was published on SAS Voices by Marcie Montague

3月 292017

In 1990, the internet took on its most recognizable form. It brought connection, knowledge and speed that was previously inaccessible. Fast-forward 27 years, and I get asked a lot about the most recent form of the internet – the internet of things (IoT). And while I think the current possibilities [...]

3 best practices to prepare for the future of IoT was published on SAS Voices by Oliver Schabenberger

3月 202017

David Loshin extends his exploration of ethical issues surrounding automated systems and event stream processing to encompass data quality and risk considerations.

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3月 172017

I’m drawn to immersive analytics (IA) because it covers areas I’ve been looking at since 2012, and have been publishing on since early 2014, like virtual reality and data worlds. I’m retroactively applying the cool new term IA (not to be confused with AI for artificial intelligence) to all of my activities [...]

Immersive analytics: yes or no? was published on SAS Voices by Michael Thomas