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9月 152015

Did you know today is National IT Professionals Day? I'm sure you broke out your party hat. And you're dancing a shared cloud infrastructure dance. Am I right? Since this looks to be a new holiday, we thought we'd help you celebrate with links and resources. Share them with your favorite […]

Happy IT Professionals Day from SAS was published on SAS Voices.

7月 082014
The word “analytics” is widely misused and misunderstood.  While SAS arguably invented the advanced analytics and predictive analytics categories more than 38 years ago, other software vendors have used the term to describe things like reporting, monitoring, and tracking what happened.  The value of these more simple capabilities are easily […]
5月 082014
Trilogies have long been popular at the movies -- think “Star Wars,” “Spiderman” or “Lord of the Rings.” And now they seem to be all the rage in IT. There’s increasing talk in the industry these days about Analytics 3.0 and Enterprise 3.0 – terms that describe today’s hyper-digital playing […]
4月 012014
Judging by the headlines like “Big Data Sparks Corporate Turf Fights” and “5 Things CFOs Hate About IT,” you might think that every IT organization is at odds with the company’s business leaders. But let me ask you, does this look like a group of people at odds with one […]
2月 152014
Bridging the Rift between Dev and Ops As a member of the Product Marketing team at SAS, I spend a good part of my time researching – analyst reports, industry journals, blogs, social channels – and listening to what our customers are saying. Early last spring I began noticing the term [...]
11月 222012
Organizations must find the right balance between tactical use of their data and strategic use of their data.  The following statement encapsulates the difference between an application that was primarily designed from a tactical perspective versus a strategic one.: "Thanks, you delivered what I asked for (tactical), but not what I [...]
4月 252012
Although you can get many denials (and few candid confessions), it’s probably safe to assume that, in some organizations, IT teams and analysts must manage their way through varying levels of organizational contention. At first glance, that can be a little difficult to understand. After all, their roles are quite [...]