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11月 192016

Dear readers,

The JMP Blog is moving to the JMP User Community soon!

  • When will this happen? By the end of November at the latest, the JMP Blog will make its debut in its new home with a new look.
  • Why is it moving? When you visit the JMP User Community, you will have easy access to the blog. Plus, you will be able to find relevant blog posts when you search for answers to your JMP questions in the Community.
  • What should you do? Once the JMP Blog has moved, we'd love it if you'd come by and check it out, subscribe to it there and update your bookmark to the blog.

I'll update you one final time when the blog move is complete!

Thanks for reading!

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7月 232016

These days, customization of social media profiles is crucial. Everyone can find images to populate their banners, walls and timelines. But sometimes, banner images don't quite cut it. Especially, if you're anything like me, you aren't satisfied with only one picture for your LinkedIn profile banner (particularly if you have multiple […]

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6月 232016

For the fifth consecutive year, JMP is sponsoring AP Statistics teacher workshops during the summer break. These workshops are designed for those who want to employ data analysis software in their AP Stat course and who have taught the course at least twice. Two sessions are offered this summer, at […]

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5月 072016

About 200 experts, analysts, and JMP users and fans from all trades and professions gathered in Shenzhen for Discovery Summit China 2016. The conference focused on the latest global trends in data analysis and its application. Attendees came from government, banking, automotive, pharmaceutical, energy, semiconductor, electronic and public service organizations, […]

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6月 122015

People have been producing ethanol for about 9000 years[i]. Ethanol is made using a fermentation process. The fermentation process converts sugars into ethanol using yeast. For most of history, the ethanol produced was for consumption purposes. In the last 35 years, there has been an increase in ethanol fuel use[ii]. […]

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6月 092015

Here at JMP, we love pets. So we were thrilled to hear that a young scientist used our software to explore data about pet adoptions from local animal shelters. The project is adorably titled "Furever Friends." How young is this scientist? She is 10 years old, and her name is […]

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3月 312015

The documentation for JMP must meet the needs of JMP users with a diverse set of backgrounds. The needs of one group of users can differ markedly from the needs of another group. For instance, some users report that there is too much statistical jargon in the documentation, while others […]

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1月 242015
It's time to revisit the top blog posts of last year. Quite a few of the top posts were about using JMP to analyze and visualize data relating to real-world questions: How am I doing with my diet and fitness? What kinds of music and which artists dominate my Apple® iTunes library? What's the best method […]