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3月 092017

Editor’s note: This is the first in a series of posts to help current SAS programmers add SAS Viya to their analytics skillset. In this post, SAS instructors Stacey Syphus and Marc Huber introduce you to the new Transitioning from Programming in SAS 9 to SAS Viya video library, designed to show SAS programmers [...]

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3月 032017

Word on the proverbial technology street is that online learning is ideal for modern learners, and, at SAS, we wholeheartedly agree. In 2016, more the 80,000 SAS users trained in an online or blending learning format. In 2017, we kicked off the year with the announcement of our new SAS [...]

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3月 022017

A common request we receive about SAS Global Certification practice exams is to make them as close as possible to the actual exams so that future test takers get a more accurate feel for the overall exam experience. Good news. Our new practice exams come as close to the “real thing” [...]

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1月 122017

Yawn. Stretch. Blink. Blink again. It is 8:00 on the first day of the semester, and you know you haven’t had enough sleep (or coffee), but did the professor really just say that we are going to learn statistics? Why did I sign up for this class again? While that […]

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12月 292016

This SAS Jedi is very excited about the SAS 9.4 M4 release, which brought many wonderful gifts just in time for Christmas. So in the interest of extending the Christmas spirit, I'm going to blog about some of my favorites! I've long loved the SAS DO statement variant which allows […]

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12月 082016

Thanksgiving turkey, Blue Jays playoff baseball, and SAS ANALYTICS all in one day! Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. The air is crisp, fall colours are at their peak, family and friends abound, and a veritable feast is at hand. This year was especially good because Thanksgiving Day included three of […]

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10月 212016

As an instructor for SAS, I receive a wide variety of queries before, during and after delivering my courses. Most frequently, I am asked questions such as: Should I learn SAS programming or a point and click tool instead? I know lots of code, should I go straight to the […]

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9月 292016

SAS Programming Professionals, SAS & bugs & rock & roll? But, of course! SAS Because of its amazing versatility, SAS is indisputably the greatest software package currently in use anywhere within the Milky Way Galaxy.  Can SAS input every type of flat file imaginable?  Yes!  Can SAS read and write […]

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9月 272016

Are you ready to broaden your programming skills to land a new job or be a more versatile programmer at your current job? Then this new (and free!) course might be for you. SAS Programming for R Users is a free course developed to allow you to easily transfer your […]

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9月 222016

Last time I checked, there are well over 500 functions and call routines in SAS.  I’ve taught SAS programming courses for 15 years, and I’ll admit that occasionally my students will ask me about a particular function that I have honestly never heard of.  I remember the first time this […]

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