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10月 142020

Everything happens somewhere, and much of our customer data includes location information. Websites include x, y coordinates in semi-structured click streams, and the mobile apps your prospects depend on frequently support device location to provide a personalized, targeted experience. As my SAS peer Robby Powell said: "Human brains are hardwired [...]

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7月 142020

SAS, in partnership with Intel, is sponsoring the 2020 Esri User Conference taking place virtually on Jul. 13-16. The Esri User Conference is the world’s largest virtual Geographic Information System (GIS) event and will include three days of inspiring plenary and technical sessions of how GIS is making a difference [...]

Being an Esri User: Data visualization and location analytics was published on SAS Voices by Robby Powell

5月 182018

When data meets geography, use cases revolve around mapping and spatial analytics. But what happens when you combine digital analytics and powerful visualization for customer location analysis? Leveraging data collection mechanisms, SAS 360 Discover captures first-party behavioral information across the entire digital customer experience with a brand’s websites and mobile [...]

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4月 272018

Analyzing ticket sales and customer data for large sports and entertainment events is a complex endeavor. But SAS Visual Analytics makes it easy, with location analytics, customer segmentation, predictive artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities – and more. This blog post covers a brief overview of these features by using a fictitious event company [...]

Analyze ticket sales using location analytics and customer segmentation in SAS Visual Analytics was published on SAS Voices by Falko Schulz

6月 252015

If you buying or selling a house. The relator will tell the value of the property is all about location, location, location. For insurance companies location is just as important. For an underwriter assessing the risk on a property is essential that they consider the location of the property. How […]

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