Macro variables

10月 172017

Would you like to format your macro variables in SAS? Good news. It's easy!  Just use the %FORMAT function, like this: %let x=1111; Log %put %format(&x,dollar11.); $1,111 %put %format(&x,roman.); MCXI %put %format(&x,worddate.); January 16, 1963   %let today=%sysfunc(today()); %put %format(&today,worddate.); October 13, 2017   %put %format(Macro,$3.); Mac What?!  You never [...]

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3月 202013
It’s early March and one of these days, the snow will melt here in Minnesota, the ice will disappear from the lakes, and spring will arrive. On my list of things to do this spring is a third edition of SAS Macro Programming Made Easy. It’s time to update the [...]