6月 142018

With all the technology advancements and innovative trends driving Industry 4.0 right now, you might expect geeky topics like the Internet of Things (IoT) or artificial intelligence (AI) to be the hottest topics of discussion among industry leaders. Instead, many leaders are still more focused on workplace culture. And here’s [...]

Workplace culture still No. 1 challenge for manufacturers was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas

4月 262018

Connect with SAS before and during IndustryWeek Manufacturing & Technology, a three-day event focusing on the key elements of advanced manufacturing: lean and continuous improvement, leadership, technology integration, talent management and best practices to achieve operational excellence. We look forward to seeing you at Industry Week's Manufacturing & Technology Conference [...]

Build your analytics advantage in manufacturing was published on SAS Voices by Kristine Vick

1月 262018

Let’s lay down some fundamentals. In business you want to achieve the highest revenues with the best margins and the lowest costs. More specifically, in manufacturing, you want your products to be the highest quality (relative to specification) when you make the item. And you want it shipped to the [...]

How do you take your manufacturing business to the next level? was published on SAS Voices by Tim Clark

8月 172017

Robots - everyone has probably been fascinated by the idea of robots at one time or another. From the early science fiction robots (such as Klaatu's robot Gort) to the mid-1980s movie robots (like Johnny 5), they have been portrayed in many different ways in fiction. These days, with the [...]

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7月 262017

“I do not like this modern technology,” said my father-in-law. “It is making people too lazy. Things are too easy now.” He was referring to my grocery order. I was sitting in his kitchen in Reykjavik, Iceland, the day before my return to the United States. I had just explained [...]

Icelandic in-laws and inventory management: digital supply chain innovations was published on SAS Voices by Marcia Walker

7月 062017

In an IoT world, everything is connected. But what does it mean to be connected? Does it mean being plugged in to your phone, car, home, TV, favorite apps and retailers? Does it mean knowing what’s happening all around you? And having the “things” you’re connected to acting as recommender [...]

Are you getting the most out of consumer IoT data? was published on SAS Voices by Norm Marks

4月 272017

Recently I backed into a hotel parking spot after returning from a customer dinner. It was dark and rainy, and I was tired from traveling. My mind wandered until I heard a shrill “BEEP BEEP BEEP” coming from my rental car. I looked down at the dashboard’s rear-view camera, and [...]

Tripping over text icebergs was published on SAS Voices by Lonnie Miller

4月 242017

Building cars is towards the top of the manufacturing hierarchy - some countries are even known for the cars they build. If you want a good quality car, you probably think of Japan. If you want a stylish sports car, you probably think of Italy. If you want a diesel [...]

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4月 062017

The widespread adoption of the term "analytics" reminds me of the evolution of the term "supply chain management." Initially the term focused on supply chain planning. It involved demand and supply balancing and the heuristics and optimization tools that came out of advanced planning and scheduling. Over time practically everything was included [...]

When everything is analytics, nothing is analytics...? was published on SAS Voices by Scott Nalick

3月 202017

In my previous blog we identified quality as the critical success factor that will deliver UK manufacturers through the potentially choppy fallout from Brexit and other global political and economic upheaval. Quality in every thought, every action, every outcome You might think differentiating on the quality of your products is [...]

Achieving a quality-connected enterprise was published on SAS Voices by Tim Clark