4月 112017

Have you ever seen a map that just didn't look right to you? Perhaps the map area seemed squished or stretched? Perhaps this was because they used a different map projection than you were accustomed to. Or maybe the map coordinates weren't projected at all. In this blog post I [...]

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4月 112017

With the advent of things like car GPS & Google Maps, and a steady supply of nice maps from certain news sources (such as the New York Times), people have finally embraced the idea that mapping data can be very useful. And if you are into data visualization, you have [...]

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2月 232017

Have you been using the SAS/Graph Gmap procedure to plot your data on maps for years, but never knew you could add roads to your maps?!? Follow along in this blog post, and I'll teach you how... But before we get started, here's a picture of a nice aerial view [...]

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12月 082016

Parents are always proud of their kids, and think their kids are better than all the other kids. I guess it might be a little bit that way with mapping software ... but I really do think I've got a pretty compelling example to show that SAS maps are better […]

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11月 102016

In the US presidential election, each of the 50 states has a certain number of electoral votes, based on the population. Typically, most states cast all their electoral votes for the candidate who wins in their state (all or nothing). But states can split their electoral votes if they want […]

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9月 202016

Last week, one of the major pipelines supplying gasoline to the eastern US broke. Do you know where the break is, and which states will be having shortages? Me neither! ... So, of course, I created a SAS map to help... First I read up about the spill on various […]

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9月 082016

In the past, a large percentage of US workers have been union members, and the unions could exert a big influence on elections. How powerful are the unions these days, an where do they wield the most influence? Let's map it out... In 1954, almost 35% of US workers belonged to […]

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8月 302016

What do people have in common who have used analog clocks, vinyl records, and payphones?  They were all probably born before 1980! Now, let's focus on those payphones!... A lot of young kids these days can't imagine a world where everyone doesn't have a wireless phone. My buddy Ed likes […]

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