9月 272017

Orbitz recently published a map showing the most popular international travel destination for each of the 50 US states. It was an interesting map ... but of course, me being the Graph Guy, I had to pick it apart and create my own version. Follow along, and explore this interesting [...]

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3月 302017

Users frequently ask how to plot their data as markers on a map. There are several ways to do this using SAS software. If you're a Visual Analytics user, you can do it using a point-and-click interface. But if you're a coder, you might need a little help... In this [...]

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3月 232017

If you're a fan of SAS' ODS Graphics, you probably know that it does pretty much everything except geographical maps. But it's flexible enough that you can "fake it 'till you make it"! This example describes how to fake a geographical (choropleth) heat map using Proc SGplot polygons. In my [...]

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3月 212017

If you give an artist some tools, they can create a pretty picture. Sure, they probably have a preferred tool - but they can probably do a pretty decent job no matter what you give them (paint, colored pencils, watercolor, charcoal, etc). And creating pretty graphs in SAS is no [...]

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2月 282017

Does your data just look like a bunch of dots? Would you like to bring those dots to life so they can tell their story? This example shows how to make some voter-registration dots a bit more lifelike, so you can see what they're saying. You can apply the same [...]

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2月 072017

Doing business in a global economy, have you ever found yourself wanting to show Chinese (or Korean, or Japanese) labels on a map? If so, then this blog is for you! Before we get started, here is a photo of some Chinese characters to get you into the mood. This […]

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1月 262017

Are you one of those people who get easily bored at amusement parks? Would you like something to do while your friends/family are waiting in line for a ride? Perhaps I have an alternate ides, to keep you busy - survey markers! When surveyors are measuring and marking areas for […]

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1月 132017

They say "a picture is worth 1000 words" - and I think it might be more like 2000 when it comes to planning out fun/interesting things to do in  a new city! I'm going to the SAS Global Forum (#SASGF) conference in Orlando this year, and I was wondering where […]

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7月 072015

As you travel around the world, do you know where English, French, Spanish, and Arabic are spoken? This blog will help you quickly answer that question, with some cool SAS maps! But first, here's a picture of my friend Joy posing beside an interesting sign during one of her international […]

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5月 052015

Did you ever wish you could master SAS/GRAPH, and create graphs and maps that were customized exactly like you wanted them? Then this free eBook is for you! Probably the most memorable book for me was the Necronomicon in the Army of Darkness movie. How many of you liked that […]

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