7月 092013
SAS 9.3 already has smooth (anti-aliased) lines in SAS/GRAPH device=png output, and in SAS 9.4 you will also get smooth lines in your device=gif output (and gif animations)!  Woo-hoo!!! Here are a couple of simple examples to demonstrate: The first example is device=gif Proc Gmap output.  If you look very closely, you'll notice that [...]
6月 122013
You might have seen my previous blog, where I plotted some interesting tourist attractions on a geographical map of the British Isles (which may be of interest to Analytics 2013 Conference delegates)... Well this blog uses even more powerful analytics, and shows how SAS can calculate the "optimal tour" to visit all [...]
5月 222013
I recently read an interesting article in The Economist, where they describe "The Big Mac index."  This is an index they invented as a lighthearted guide to compare currencies in different countries. In their article they create a multi-panel display (similar to a dashboard) where they compare the index for several countries using [...]
1月 312013
We had some fierce wind storms all across the United States yesterday, which even spawned some tornadoes! It looks like we weathered the storm OK here in Cary (but I still need to run out to the lake and make sure my pontoon/houseboat is still there, agh!). Anyway ... as with other [...]
8月 212012
Facebook has millions of users, and therefore when people share an interesting graph on Facebook it can "go viral" and millions of people might see it.  Some of the graphs are obviously a bit biased - especially ones that are trying to sway your opinion one way or another on a topic [...]