9月 162020

I recently sat down with Colin Wright, Global Solutions Director of Retail & Consumer Goods at Microsoft, to explore the opportunities that SAS and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership creates for retailers around the world. Retailers are awakening to the fact that the near limitless scale and compute power of the [...]

The future of retail with SAS Analytics on Azure was published on SAS Voices by Richard Widdowson

9月 092020

Heather Cartwright, General Manager of Microsoft Health, joined me to contemplate the new horizons in healthcare made possible by SAS and Microsoft’s new strategic partnership.  The four walls of the doctor’s office are disappearing. Following decades of planning for hypotheticals, this year health care organizations were compelled to make good on the promise of digital transformation. Meeting the [...]

The future of health care and life sciences with SAS Analytics on Azure  was published on SAS Voices by Mark Lambrecht

8月 192020

Recently, we announced a strategic partnership between SAS and Microsoft that includes deep integration for SAS technologies across all three of Microsoft’s clouds: Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365. As migration of data to the cloud continues to increase, SAS is engineering our software to work in the cloud through [...]

3 types of users who will benefit from the SAS, Microsoft partnership was published on SAS Voices by Tom Fisher

7月 102020

Last month, SAS and Microsoft announced a new strategic partnership – one that we believe will shape the future of analytics and artificial intelligence. You may be wondering as a customer what this partnership means for you. As an IT leader, I’ve had a front-row seat for the collaborative relationship [...]

Our customer-centric approach for integrating with Microsoft in the cloud was published on SAS Voices by Jay Upchurch

6月 232020

Last week we announced a new strategic partnership with Microsoft to further shape the future of AI and analytics in the cloud. This commitment will make it easy for SAS customers to move their analytics workloads to the cloud. And it will introduce SAS technologies to millions of Azure customers [...]

3 world-changing examples of SAS® on Azure was published on SAS Voices by Oliver Schabenberger

6月 172020

Digital transformation continues to change our relationship with technology. As part of this change, the world is transforming from one of technology-literate people to one of people-literate technology. What do I mean by people-literate technology? I mean smart, automated, reliable, explainable decision systems that operate at scale. Analytics and AI [...]

SAS, Microsoft bring analytics to everyone, everywhere was published on SAS Voices by Oliver Schabenberger