model governance

10月 152020

ModelOps is NOT a one-size-fits-all approach. It's important to identify the appropriate level of sophistication based on both the organization’s current readiness and its current and future business needs. My previous articles on Medium talked about why organizations should choose ModelOps, and how to implement ModelOps using a holistic approach [...]

Developing ModelOps sophistication: Choosing the right level was published on SAS Voices by Reece Clifford

3月 222017

In just a few short months the European General Data Protection Regulation becomes enforceable. This regulation enshrines in law the rights of EU citizens to have their personal data treated in accordance with their wishes. The regulation applies to any organisation which is processing EU citizens’ data, and the UK [...]

GDPR – sounding the death knell for self-learning algorithms? was published on SAS Voices by Dave Smith

5月 292015

The analytical lifecycle is iterative and interactive in nature. The process is not a one and done exercise, insurance companies need to continuously evaluate and manage its growing model portfolio. In the last of four articles on the analytical lifecycle, this blog will cover the model management process. Model management […]

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