1月 152019

When I fill up my daily-driver Prius, the price of gasoline isn't that important. But when I occasionally take a trip in my V8 Suburban, I pay a lot more attention! Therefore I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed that gasoline prices have been falling. How much have they fallen, [...]

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10月 022018

Over the years, the US has drilled for crude oil in several locations, such as Pennsylvania, Texas, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. A few years ago, as the US started drilling more in North Dakota, there were forecasts that we would surpass Saudi Arabia in crude oil production. And recently, [...]

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2月 092016

Did you know you could drive 74 million cars using the wasted natural gas that is flared from oil wells and refineries? Learn more details in this blog post! Flaring (burning) is commonly used to dispose of natural gas produced at oil and gas facilities that lack the infrastructure to capture it […]

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7月 142015

Dust off that old aphorism about an ounce of prevention. Oil companies applying analytics for predictive maintenance can see a substantial downtick in the unanticipated equipment repairs that quickly eat into an oil well’s profitability. Maintenance is far from a trivial concern in the oilfield. A pumping oil well is […]

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5月 292015

This month we take a fresh analytical view of our hypothetical VirtualOil portfolio by comparing the forward price of WTI (the green line) to the prompt month price (red line). The resulting graphic (chart 1) demonstrates the relative stability of the 48-month forward price in contrast to a very active spot […]

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4月 172015

Oil is bouncing around the $50 range as the market adds and loses value with each new headline, from potential new Iranian exports after the nuclear talks to the slowest month of inventory builds at Cushing since Thanksgiving. The US rigcount is down nearly 23 percent year-over-year, but the rate […]

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9月 032013
Perhaps I should have titled this post, "Riddle me this Batman..."   Bam! Zap! etc....  now back to our regular scheduled blog post, where we explore the many lessons that can be learned from one industry to the next. Let's start with one of the easier comparisons: How is an [...]
8月 252013
Are you uncomfortable with analytics? Do you know someone who is? One reason might be that they think of predictive analytics as magic rather than science or fact based. Good magic amazes people and so do good analytic based reports and decisions.   Being able to predict what product or service [...]