omnichannel analytics

6月 252018

Retailers don’t need to be reminded about the importance of customer experience. It’s critical – and that’s been true since the dawn of retail. But the nature of that experience has been changing at a rapid clip in recent years, due in large part to well-documented shifts in technology and [...]

How are retailers using real-time analytics to improve customer experience? was published on SAS Voices by Dan Mitchell

12月 012017

Until recently state-of-the-art for trade area analytics still meant analyzing historical store sales by location, together with some Nielsen market data to select merchandise assortments and allocation. Contrast that with the upcoming holiday season where retailers know where and how demand is initiated, and use that new understanding to create [...]

Fashion students learn about omnichannel merchandising and retail analytics was published on SAS Voices by Greg Heidrick

11月 202017

Just last week, Walmart announced that they'll be testing inventory management robots. These robots will cruise store aisles, scanning shelves to identify out-of-stock products and other issues. According Reuters, Walmart is testing these camera-equipped robots in a handful of stores, but plans to expand the test to 50 stores. We [...]

Effective retail planning requires precision and finesse was published on SAS Voices by Dan Mitchell