3月 132017

For many years, we’ve been saying that to do advanced analytics, well, you must have good quality, clean and standardised data. And now we’re fast approaching the deadline for businesses to be compliant with the GDPR regulations (with fines for noncompliance up to four per cent of revenue). SAS’ capabilities [...]

Welcome to the new, open SAS! was published on SAS Voices by Peter Pugh-Jones

3月 082017

Digitalisation is blasting the cobwebs out from enterprises and organisations of all kinds – freeing them to innovate and take advantage of the always-on economy. But it’s also helping new disruptive players to gain an unexpectedly strong foothold in many markets. One of the key advantages these new players have [...]

Is governance getting in the way of innovation? was published on SAS Voices by Peter Pugh-Jones

10月 142016

Open. The very word evokes a sense of happiness and possibility. When you’re hungry at an odd hour and everything around you seems to be closed, that lone neon sign glowing in a restaurant window is a most welcome relief. When a shop or service you’ve longed for finally builds […]

Always Open was published on SAS Voices.

10月 132010
Communication is easy? Wishful thinking? Keith Collins, our CTO and VP of Technology, once told me "communication is hard." That may seem a completely obvious statement to most of Peer Revue's readers, but recall I'm a code monkey. We developers think communication is easy: we write a program that tells [...]