operationalizing analytics

11月 182019

Getting value from analytics is becoming top of mind for businesses. Organizations have invested millions of dollars in data, people and technology and are looking for a return on their investment. That requires  operationalizing analytics so that it can be used for strategic decision making -- often referred to as [...]

Resources to help you conquer the 'last mile' of analytics was published on SAS Voices by Sarah Gates

10月 022019

The final phase in analytical model deployment is the perfect unsolved mystery. Why are 50% of analytics models never deployed? And why does it take three months or more to complete 90% of deployed models? What happened or didn’t happen to allow analytical insights to reach their potential? It’s a [...]

Mystery solved: The case for operationalizing analytics was published on SAS Voices by Lindsey Coombs

3月 042012
Business analytics is maturing – and so is its role in forward-thinking organizations. Once mainly used in traditional batch-type environments, it's now being embedded into real-time business decision operations and processes to create immediate and significant value. To learn more about how to operationalize business analytics, attend this brief webinar, [...]