personalized medicine

2月 122019

During each minute you spend reading this article, 18 people will die of cancer. With each tick of the clock, your odds of becoming one of them increases: age is one of the primary risk factors for cancer. Take Nancy. She is a normal, active, healthy woman. Inside her body [...]

Saving lives with genetics and big data was published on SAS Voices by Mark Pitts

2月 042019

One of the key health trends we’ll continue to follow in 2019 is the flood of medical and personal data that, if managed and analyzed properly, could help health care organizations provide better care, life sciences companies deliver better therapies and individuals make smarter lifestyle choices. Sounds great, but there [...]

The case for personal change in health care was published on SAS Voices by Cameron McLauchlin

5月 042018

Landmark population health study involving 50,000 northern Nevadans turns to SAS to reveal hidden health insights These are exciting times in health care. Earlier this week I read that the NIH will soon open enrollment for its “All of Us” initiative. The research program aims to compile the genetic and health [...]

Healthy Nevada Project drives life-changing results was published on SAS Voices by Saurabh Gupta

11月 012016

What would happen if we could ask any type of scientific or clinical question about patients, and then go out and find the data to answer our questions? With "real-world data," we can do just that. Real-world data is all medicinal product data that comes from real-life patients. In contrast, […]

Using real-world data from real-life patients was published on SAS Voices.