predictive analytics

10月 252012
Jean Paul Isson (Global Vice President of Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics, Monster Worldwide, Inc.) and Jesse Harriott (Chief Analytics Officer, Constant Contact) know a thing or two about business analytics. With almost 40 years of experience between them, they've handled it all—from web mining solutions to business intelligence, predictive [...]
9月 152012
Did you ever experience a time where you hear or see the same thing over and over again? Whether you chalk it up to coincidence, immersion or saturation, you clearly start seeing the same ideas or topics discussed in multiple places. Lately, I have been hearing about the topic of [...]
9月 122012
Antonia de Medinaceli is the Director of Fraud Analytics at Elder Research Inc. Her keynote speech focuses on using data mining and predictive analytics to find fraud, waste and abuse, and begins at 9:15 a.m. ET on Wednesday, Sept. 12. View the live blog. tags: analytics, Discovery Summit, Discovery Summit [...]
9月 112012
Ian Ayres is a lawyer and an economist. He is the William K. Townsend Professor at Yale Law School, the Anne Urowsky Professorial Fellow in Law, and a Professor at Yale's School of Management. He is the author of Super Crunchers and Carrots and Sticks. He delivers a keynote speech [...]
8月 142012
“Analytics are no longer just a nice thing for an organization to have,” says Antonia de Medinaceli, Director of Fraud Analytics at Elder Research, a leading consultancy in data mining, predictive analytics and text mining. She believes analytics are a must-have. We've invited her to speak at Discovery Summit 2012 [...]
6月 052012
Fraud detection presents myriad analytical challenges: gathering sufficient known cases to make typical modeling techniques possible, gathering inputs from disparate data sources, and combining expert knowledge from investigators with findings to be gleaned from the data in an efficient way. Of course, analysts can fall into the trap of thinking [...]
4月 062012
A small, North American marketing firm (a division of a much larger international firm that provides data-driven, multichannel marketing solutions) provides its clients with "effective one-to-one marketing and ROI-focused strategies by applying advanced predictive analytics." Two key client models are outlined in the Post-It Note below. This is a case study that would fit [...]
3月 152012
Automated fraud detection systems are becoming more common in the insurance industry as the technology improves and the benefits become more evident.  Many companies have embraced this change and are showing measurable and significant returns on their investment.  The quantifiable benefits are numerous – an increase in quality and quantity [...]
1月 262012
I've recently had the chance to work with Olivia Parr-Rud, an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in predictive analytics and innovative leadership. Her pioneering techniques in predictive modeling led to the writing of her first book, Data Mining Cookbook, Modeling for Acquisition, Risk and Customer Relationship Management (Wiley 2001). Olivia's passion [...]