predictive analytics

1月 262012
I've recently had the chance to work with Olivia Parr-Rud, an internationally recognized expert and thought leader in predictive analytics and innovative leadership. Her pioneering techniques in predictive modeling led to the writing of her first book, Data Mining Cookbook, Modeling for Acquisition, Risk and Customer Relationship Management (Wiley 2001). Olivia's passion [...]
1月 192012
Insurance fraud has no doubt existed wherever insurance policies are written, taking different forms to suit the economic times. In early maritime insurance it became a common scam for boat owners to hide the boat in a foreign port and collect the insurance money. In the 19th century came the [...]
11月 152011
Are you always looking for that inside perspective? Most of us are! As we all know, customers are the primary – perhaps exclusive – source of cash flow for many organizations.  Knowing which ones are most profitable is critical to maximizing future economic value. To help today's marketing and business leaders learn [...]
11月 042011
Talk about a collision, what can be more hyped now than analytics and the cloud - unless you throw in "big data," and well, quite honestly, that's related too! SAS co-sponsored research on predictive analytics in the cloud with James Taylor and Decision Management Solutions. The research focused on the [...]
9月 232011
A recent post on the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) site, Analytics Conferences Gone Wild!, is*not* about how statisticians are sexy. Yes, I'm recalling that memorable quote in the August 2009 NY Times story, "For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics,” which included the following quote: “I keep saying that [...]
8月 312011
Dr. Yachen Lin, Chief Risk Officer of China Guangfa Bank Credit Card Center (CGB), was interviewed while at the 2011 Premier Business Leadership Series in Singapore. He discussed the analytics culture at CGB - explaining how CGB uses analytics to know its customers and manage risk. There are only 14 [...]
8月 262011
There is a lot of talk hither and yon about a “double-dip” recession. Not at all uncommon when you consider past recessions. Let’s take a look at some data from the June 2011 survey of senior financial executives from the Manufacturers Alliance/MAPI to dig into the double dip theories. MAPI [...]