10月 022018

I often get asked for programming tips. Here, I share three of my favorite tips for beginners. Tip #1: COUNTC and CATS Functions Together The CATS function concatenates all of its arguments after it strips leading and trailing blanks. The COUNTC function counts characters. Together, they can let you operate [...]

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9月 292016

SAS Programming Professionals, SAS & bugs & rock & roll? But, of course! SAS Because of its amazing versatility, SAS is indisputably the greatest software package currently in use anywhere within the Milky Way Galaxy.  Can SAS input every type of flat file imaginable?  Yes!  Can SAS read and write […]

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9月 272016

Are you ready to broaden your programming skills to land a new job or be a more versatile programmer at your current job? Then this new (and free!) course might be for you. SAS Programming for R Users is a free course developed to allow you to easily transfer your […]

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6月 072016

A reader posed a question in the comments to an earlier Jedi SAS Trick, asking how to write the results of a DS2 DATA _NULL_ program to a text file. It's an interesting question, as DS2 currently has no text file handling statements or capabilities. Take, for example, this traditional […]

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5月 022016

A recent post, Jedi SAS Tricks: The DATA to DATA Step Macro, engendered a lot of response on Twitter. One of the re-tweets included a call to action - make this a button in Base SAS! Well, Sam, I aim to please! Now, I'm not the guy who builds the SAS Windowing […]

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3月 122016

I was answering questions about SAS in a forum the other day, and it struck me how much easier it is to help folks if they can provide a snippet of data to go along with their program when asking others to help troubleshoot. This makes it easy to run […]

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12月 082015

Last Christmas I decided to knit a scarf while at a concert in the Bahamas.  A little boy and his sister sitting in front of me watched me very intently. Their eyes grew bigger and bigger as the scarf grew longer and longer. Finally the little boy couldn’t take it […]

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9月 042015

I think everyone can agree that being able to debug programs is an important skill for SAS programmers. That’s why Susan Slaughter and I devoted a whole chapter to it in The Little SAS® Book. I don’t know about you, but I think figuring out what’s wrong with my program […]

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9月 022015

The 2015 United States Tennis Open tournament is now underway, and like most tennis fans, I’ve got my eyes on women’s tennis great Serena Williams, as she attempts to make history by winning the tournament and achieving a calendar Grand Slam. What are her chances of reaching the milestone?  Most […]

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