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4月 062021

Almost a year ago, in the depths of despair after the first 100 days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I wrote a post on how government agencies could consider their options using a framework called Respond, Recover and Reimagine. Now, with greater vaccine availability and mass vaccination by governments – in [...]

Does the public sector need decisioning? was published on SAS Voices by Lee Ann Dietz

11月 022015

Over the last few years I’ve seen and worked on many transformational projects with big data, especially those that tap into big data’s ability to provide new and improved services for the public good. But there’s also a danger that analytics, unchecked, can do social harm by indirectly discriminating against […]

5 tips for using big data for the public good was published on SAS Voices.

3月 302015

Bookies have long turned a trade in predicting the fate of our politicians in the general election. According to Ladbrokes, gamblers are set to spend a staggering £100m betting on this year’s result. The outcome of the May 7 vote is anticipated to be the hardest election to predict in […]

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10月 292014
In recent times, Britain has increasingly developed an "inquiry culture." Whenever there’s malpractice or a scandal – be it the Leveson inquiry or the recent investigation into the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust – an inquiry serves to give citizens, public leaders and governing bodies an explanation of how and […]