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1月 042018

What will 2018 unveil for the data management market? I searched expert opinions on technology trends for 2018 and matched them against my own to uncover the five major trends that I think we’ll see in data management this year: 1. Data movement becomes more important. Cloud providers have proven [...]

Data management predictions for 2018 was published on SAS Voices by Helmut Plinke

7月 032015

On May 7, 2015, Conservatives defied the polls and won the UK general election, handing Labour and Liberal Democrats a surprising defeat. Now, with Chancellor George Osborne presenting his budget in a few days' time (July 8), the new Conservative government is tackling how it will deliver on its campaign promises. That means […]

The first step on the path to Hadoop nirvana? was published on SAS Voices.