reinforcement learning

9月 212018

My first post on customer journey optimization set the scene by introducing the concept of marketing as a game to be won. The rules to this game are complex, some are known, and others can be learned. Above all, the game is built on a shifting landscape of customer, competitor [...]

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9月 142018

In my previous post I wrote about the Atari video game, Breakout, and how an AI technique (reinforcement learning, or RL) outperformed a human player. I also drew an analogy between Breakout and customer journey optimization. In Breakout, the environment is what you see on the screen – the blocks, [...]

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9月 102018

The customer journey is at the forefront of every discussion about modern marketing. The idea that customers move in premeditated or, at the very least, marketer-meditated paths between well-defined states is alluring (and comforting) to a marketing professional. Of course, even a cursory examination of a web path analytics (Sankey) [...]

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