SAS Author’s Tip

1月 302015
This week’s author tip is from Robert Virgile and his book “SAS Macro Language Magic: Discovering Advanced Techniques”.  Virgile chose this tip because discovering and developing this technique will help you make the most of MACROS. We hope you find this tip useful. You can also read an excerpt from […]
1月 202015
Data simulation is a fundamental technique in statistical programming and research. My book Simulating Data with SAS is an accessible how-to book that describes the most useful algorithms and the best programming techniques for efficient data simulation in SAS. Here are five lessons you can learn by reading it: Learn strategies […]
1月 092015
A popular DATA step programming technique frequently used by SAS users is the ability to identify the beginning and ending observation in by-groups. The way it works is whenever a BY statement is specified with a SET statement, two temporary variables are created in the Program Data Vector (PDV), FIRST.variable […]
8月 152014
This week’s author tip is from Jack Shostak’s new book SAS Programming in the Pharmaceutical Industry, Second Edition. If you're interested in this week's free tip and want to learn more about the topic or book, visit our online catalog. You'll find a free book excerpt, example code and data, and more. General […]
8月 082014
This week’s author tip is from Michele Burlew and her new book SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Third Edition. Burlew chose this tip because she says the %SYSFUNC and %QSYSFUNC functions allow you to use SAS language functions in macro programming. Access to these functions greatly increases macro programming power […]