SAS Author’s Tip

5月 092014
This week's SAS tip is from Lora Delwiche and Susan Slaughter's new edition of The Little SAS Book. This book, now in its fifth edition, has helped thousands and thousands of SAS users and is a must-have for any SAS book shelf. If you'd like to learn more about this […]
4月 252014
This week's SAS tip is from Robert Virgile and his illuminating new book SAS Macro Language Magic: Discovering Advanced Techniques. Robert has 30 years of experience developing and teaching SAS classes. And his new book is filled with powerful programming techniques. If you like this week's free excerpt, you can read […]
4月 172014
This week's SAS tip is from Barry de Ville and Padraic Neville's enterprising new book Decision Trees for Analytics Using SAS Enterprise Miner. With their combined vast expertise, De Ville and Neville have created a comprehensive guide to decision tree theory, use, and applications. If you're interested in this week's free […]
3月 282014
This week's SAS tip is from superstar author Ron Cody and his very popular book SAS Statistics by Example. Ron has been using SAS (and writing about SAS) for a long time. And he communicates his vast expertise in a friendly, easy-to-understand manner. If you've used any of Ron's books, I'm sure you'll agree. The following […]
3月 072014
Michele Burlew is the author of several highly regarded SAS books including her most recent SAS Hash Object Programming Made Easy. This week, I've selected a short excerpt from her latest book to share with our readers. If you like this week's free excerpt, be sure to visit Michele Burlew's [...]
2月 112014
This week's SAS tip comes from Michael Tuchman and his book PROC DOCUMENT by Example Using SAS. Michael, a senior statistician, has been using SAS since 1999. And his experience comes through in his book. It's received strong reviews including this one from SAS user Wendi Wright: "Currently, I believe PROC DOCUMENT is a highly [...]
1月 252014
This week's SAS tip is from Applied Data Mining for Forecasting Using SAS by Tim Rey, Arthur Kordon, and Chip Wells. Whether you're a forecasting practitioner, engineer, statistician, or economist, you'll appreciate the many real-world examples in the book. And hopefully this free excerpt. The following excerpt is from SAS Press [...]
1月 182014
Interested in text mining? This week's SAS tip is from the new book - Text Mining and Analysis: Practical Methods, Examples, and Case Studies Using SAS by Goutam Chakraborty, Murali Pagolu, and Satish Garla. This hands-on guide is getting strong early reviews - and perhaps you'd like to write your own after reading the [...]
1月 042014
Ron Cody starts things off right with our first SAS tip of 2014. If you resolve to become a better statistical programmer this year, Ron's book SAS Statistics by Example is a great place to start. After you take a look at this week's free excerpt from the book, head over to Ron's author page. You'll [...]
12月 172013
This week's SAS tip is from Rick Wicklin and his powerful new book Simulating Data with SAS. Rick is a principal researcher in computational statistics at SAS, where he develops and supports the IML procedure and the SAS/IML Studio application. Chances are you're already familiar with Rick's work - whether you've seen him [...]