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2月 212017

Editor's note: This series of blogs addresses the questions we are most frequently asked at SAS Press! In our last post about how to write a good outline, we discussed the importance of developing an outline for your proposed SAS Press book and gave some tips on how to do [...]

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1月 052015
Happy New Year to you, your families, and your colleagues! This is the time of year when people make all types of New Year's resolutions. According to the USA.Gov web site, the most popular resolutions are: Lose Weight Volunteer to Help Others Quit Smoking Get a Better Education Get a […]
12月 052014
In the long run we’re unemployable. Not because we’re lazy or incompetent. It’s because we’re replaceable. I’ve spent much of the eighteen months trying to impress on people how real this is. It’s not something that’ll happen “one day”. It’s happening now, everywhere we look. Once upon a time, I […]
6月 242014
There’s a lot of excitement right now around the book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners by Jared Dean, SAS Senior Director of Research and Development. At SAS, Dean is responsible for the development of the company’s worldwide data mining solutions. His […]
5月 192014
Recently one of our most popular authors, Michael Raithel, a Senior Systems Analyst for Westat, presented a SAS Talks and was interviewed for an AllAnalytics radio show.  Michael is the author of more than 25 SAS technical papers, four SAS Press books, and a popular lecturer at SAS Global Forum […]
3月 212014
I know you’re going to be very, very busy at SAS Global Forum. But there are at least 6 good reasons why you should add the Publications booth to your must-see list: 1.)    Books, books, and more books. For purchase onsite, for order, for preview. On virtually any SAS topic you […]