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4月 162012
Let’s assume you own a modeling agency. You’ve just discovered a beautiful new model, who seems to have everything. She’ll be a star, the toast of the fashion show, modeling all the latest gowns and swimsuits. And you will be a star too, because you discovered her. Yet, when the [...]
3月 232012
I've heard many questions during my 6 years as Sales Manager for SAS Publishing. I’ve noticed that we frequently get similar questions from customers. I’ve compiled a few of these frequently asked questions below with answers. I hope this helps. Please let us know what information would help you navigate our books. Question: I am [...]
3月 072012
Bill Franks knows a thing or two about big data. As Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata, Franks works to help determine the right strategies and positioning for his company in the advanced analytics space. Franks has taken his knowledge and written a book that answers questions such as: What is [...]
1月 262012
In a unique partnership that builds on the cutting edge business knowledge of SAS and the extensive publishing experience of Wiley, SAS Publishing and John Wiley & Sons, Inc. joined forces to create The Wiley and SAS Business Series. Titles in this series address key issues such as analytics, forecasting, [...]
1月 192012
How many of you routinely refer to SAS Documentation? Are there some heavy hitters you continuously turn to? When looking at the high traffic to documentation pages on the site in 2011, it's evident that some titles are definitely resonating with SAS users. As promised (in a recent post on the 9 Bestselling SAS [...]
1月 102012
As we wrapped up 2011 and began preparing for 2012, we were notified by the Society for Technical Communication, Carolina Chapter, that three SAS Press books received awards in the 2011-2012 competition. We submitted these three entries this past November, and are thrilled that all three submissions won awards. Multiple [...]
12月 232011
This question and the 53 comments that followed became a highlight of SAS Publishing’s social media engagement in 2011. We initially posed this question on our Fans of SAS Books LinkedIn page earlier in the year and responses occasionally still trickle in. I've greatly enjoyed reading users’ experiences with their “first” [...]