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11月 172015

This blog is co-authored by Susan J. Slaughter and Lora D. Delwiche. SAS Press is now 25 years old. As impressive as that is, a bigger milestone for us personally is that The Little SAS® Book is now 20 years old! We had no idea back then that we would still […]

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11月 122015

As I visit my clients, it sometimes surprises me when they avoid the use of PROC REPORT.  “It’s too different”.  Even those that do use it, often fail to take advantage of the procedure’s power by ignoring the compute block.  Yes this procedure is different from any other. Yes using […]

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11月 112015

SAS Press is now 25 years old!  To commemorate this milestone, I decided to research a question that has fascinated me for years: Who was the first person outside of SAS Institute to write a book about SAS? I first heard about this controversy at the Western Users of SAS […]

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10月 212015

Don’t just think like a data scientist. Be one! You know analytical talent is in high demand. Differentiate yourself by earning a newly launched certification in big data and data science from SAS. The SAS Academy for Data Science can help you sharpen your skills and validate your expertise – for […]

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10月 192015

You’ve read their books. You’ve probably even met them at conferences. But now, we’re revealing another side of our beloved SAS authors in this list of fun facts. Prepare to be surprised. Hint – one of the authors swims with sharks. Tricia Aanderud Tricia has over 100 jokes memorized - […]

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10月 092015

This guest blog post comes from Dr. David Dickey, one of our original SAS Press authors. Hope you enjoy! In the late 1970s, shortly after SAS was founded, I was approached by Herbert Kirk and John  Brocklebank from SAS to put together a course on time series.  This was reasonably […]

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10月 022015

For students to become capable data analysts, they need experience that they can take with them into the real world after graduation.  By far the most critical skill for their toolkit is learning to work with real-life data. Therefore, it is important from a teaching standpoint that instructors provide students […]

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9月 222015

At California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo the Statistics Department offers two courses on preparation for the Base SAS Certification and Advanced SAS Certification exams, respectively.  Each of these courses is 10 weeks long and the topics covered follow the content offered in the certification guides offered by SAS.  […]

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9月 042015

I think everyone can agree that being able to debug programs is an important skill for SAS programmers. That’s why Susan Slaughter and I devoted a whole chapter to it in The Little SAS® Book. I don’t know about you, but I think figuring out what’s wrong with my program […]

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