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10月 012019

Did you know the first SAS® Users Group event took place before SAS was incorporated as a company? In 1976, hundreds of early SAS users gathered in sunny Kissimmee, FL to share tips and offer feedback before SAS was even officially a company. Our users have continued to influence the [...]

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8月 052016

SASCaresDo you need help finding product information or navigating the SAS website or options for getting started with SAS? Do you need, information about course availability and registrations, training discounts, and certifications? Would access to sample code be helpful? How about, event-related support, assistance identifying and connecting with the right person at SAS, or maybe just someone to listen to your feedback and ensure it is shared with the appropriate parties within SAS?  The Customer Contact Center can help with these and more!

When customers are looking for information from their business partners, they want the ability to self-serve or receive quick assistance. We recognized that it was not always easy for our customers to find information or reach the right person here at SAS. To help in this regard, we empowered our Customer Contact Center to provide consistent frontline support across inbound channels. We also streamlined our 1-800 phone lines and expanded our customer service resources all with the goal of better serving our customers.

When you need help, reach out to our knowledgeable Customer Contact Center Engagement team. You can reach us via phone, email, live chat, web contact form and social media. If we don’t have the ability to resolve your issue, we’ll guide you to the right place (perhaps a SAS Communities conversation or a document on our web site, for example), we’ll refer you to a subject matter expert (Sales, Tech Support, Education Operations, Contracts, just to name a few).

Our mantra is availability and consistency. We’re available from 8am – 8pm Mon-Thurs and 8am-5pm on Friday (US Eastern time). And we are global, supporting the Americas (all countries) and EMEA  (UK, Ireland and Italy, with plans to expand across other countries). A positive customer experience is a key focus and your feedback is encouraged and shared. Regardless of your role or area of interest we are here to serve you.  If you need help but aren’t sure where to start just give us a call (or chat with us, or complete a web form or send an email, or reach out on social media). We look forward to serving you!

Contact us.

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6月 282016

SAS CaresIt’s no secret: here at SAS, we care about our customers. In fact, we care so much that we developed a program with that exact name: our SAS Cares program is here to help you with all things SAS!

We know you may be so awesome that you never need us, but even excellent people need help sometimes (I should know). If you find yourself in a tight SAS spot, have a burning SAS question, or even just want to write some SAS poetry, we’re here to help. Our SAS Cares program is extensive and can help you with any problem, question, or comment you’d like to share with us. We make it easy for you to connect with us, no matter what you are looking for, or what channel you are on. You can find information about all the services available from the SAS Cares Program in this blog from Maggie Miller.

A little bird (tweet, tweet!) told me you’d like to know more about one of the main ways SAS connects with our customers (which also happens to be my personal favorite!), through our social customer service channels.

SAS’ social properties are excellent places for you to ask questions, make suggestions, interact with other users, and give us feedback.  We are currently on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, constantly monitoring these channels, looking for your questions and opportunities to support you. And, because we’re only a click away, we’d like you to consider us your first stop for pretty much anything about SAS. Most of the time, we’ll be able to give you exactly what you need, and in the rare instances we don’t have the answer, we’ll point you to resources that can help you find it.

For example, if you have questions about using SAS or SAS programming, we might send you to our SAS Support Communities. Or if you are getting program errors, or have installation questions, we can help you find the right Product Documentation and SAS Notes, or, if needed, open a Technical Support track for you. If you are not sure where to start, start with us. Our social channels are perfect for real-time interaction. We are here for you, and thrilled to help!

Here’s how you can connect with us via social media:

  • Twitter: @SAS_Cares
    Our primary social customer service channel, ready to handle anything SAS related.
    Reply, mention, and direct message us. Follow us for helpful resources and links for #SASusers!
  • Facebook: SAS Software and SAS Analytics U
    We post the latest SAS news and helpful tips. Like, Follow, Comment, Message, and post to our SAS pages.
  • LinkedIn: SAS
    Primary professional landing spot for SAS users, followed by nearly 300,000 SAS professionals. Follow us and comment on our posts.
  • YouTube: SAS Software
    Subscribe, view, and comment on our videos. Many of them teach specific SAS concepts and techniques, and will help you become a more effective and efficient SAS user.

So give us a try: reach out to us when you need SAS help, have some SAS feedback, or just want to share… because who cares? SAS Cares!

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SAS Cares: help just a tweet, post, or click away was published on SAS Users.

6月 022015

SAS Customer Contact Center

SAS Cares. That’s how we want you to feel once you become a SAS customer. How do we do that? By bringing all of the support resources together with one goal in mind – helping you become a better SAS user.

The SAS Cares experience involves everything from searching on the support website to receiving one of our e- newsletters, or maybe interacting with us on social media and the communities. This handy SAS Cares infographic contains everything you need to know.

The SAS Cares challenge

What is SAS doing differently? Last year, customer-facing teams at SAS challenged themselves to identify ways to improve your overall experience as SAS software customers and to solve your inquiries immediately.

As part of that challenge, SAS conducted its own research and met with national brands with a reputation of excellent customer service.  We wanted an external perspective from our business peers to better understand how they are actively engaging customers. The takeaways were clear:

  • Customers want to communicate in the channel of their choice.
  • Timely and consistent responses are expected from the first point of contact.
  • Subject matter experts and service levels need to be predefined to prevent roadblocks in customer service.

Here are some of the ways SAS is meeting that challenge and changing the customer experience.

SAS Customer Contact Center

On the front lines of the experience is the SAS Customer Contact Center.

The contact center is that one readily accessible resource for you to engage with SAS, have your questions answered and be connected with the right contact or place quickly.

SAS knows that whether you are inquiring about your software purchase, training or books, you want to decide how to communicate with us. The SAS Customer Contact Center offers all these options: social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, forms, phone, live chat, email or e-commerce.

What’s new in SAS customer support?

As a result of its research, SAS teams such as the Customer Contact Center and Customer Loyalty have added a number of options as part of their efforts to enhance our frontline support and meet  your demands for digital resources and support:

  • Streamlining the first point of entry for customers:
  • Expanding its e-commerce options to include free software for students, professors and individual learners and free trials for select offerings.
  • Resolving issues on first contact by opening SAS Technical Support tracks for complex installation and implementation issues, and leveraging the SAS communities for usage guidance.
  • Offering Ask the Expert, interactive sessions with SAS experts to get your questions answered.

There are so many ways SAS Cares about its customers. Learn more about how we can help you become a better SAS user.


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