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2月 092018

Want to see my newly minted certified professional badge? Scroll down to take a peek. Yes, I managed to successfully complete the Base SAS Programmer certification exam… with, ahem, flying colors I might add. Here are my tips to tackle the Base SAS certification exam: 1.  Get clear on the [...]

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2月 072018

In an earlier blog, I asked you to participate in CertMag/GoCertify’s Annual IT Salary survey. The response was fantastic and I’m happy to report that we made the list of the Top 75 IT certifications out of more than 900. This marks the first time SAS has been part of [...]

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2月 022018

Do you know what the #1 fear in North America is? Most people say fear of public speaking or fear of death, but you may just want to consider this new fear upping the charts - the fear of writing a SAS Certification exam! The real test begins before even [...]

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1月 242018

Well! I did it! I conducted a workshop for internal SAS employees wishing to take SAS certification. The workshop was to help them understand the following: SAS Certification overview Exam preparation Website Content Exam pass score Sample questions Study material As the day for the exam approaches, on 5 February, [...]

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10月 182017

You know the value of your SAS Certification; does the rest of the world? A recent MONEY and study named SAS Analytics skills as the most valuable skills to have in today’s job market and certification is the best way to demonstrate those skills. Recognition like this helps solidify [...]

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8月 252017

I have been working in the field of Professional Certification and Licensure for roughly 10 years. In that time, I worked with and observed close to 40 IT exam before coming to SAS.  There has been a recurring question in each engagement.  It is often phrased differently, but means mostly [...]

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5月 032017

The list of SAS credentials keeps growing every year, as more and more SAS users want to validate their application of SAS skills in different business topic areas, such as SAS Data Management, SAS Administration, and more. The field of Big Data is no exception, and the SAS Global Certification [...]

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3月 032017

Editor's note: The following post is from Emma Warrillow, Chief DiGGer at Data Insight Group Inc. (DiG). Emma is a featured speaker at SAS Global Forum 2017 and recently named as one of the Top Women in Direct Marketing by Direct Marketing News. Learn more about Emma.   “I need [...]

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3月 022017

A common request we receive about SAS Global Certification practice exams is to make them as close as possible to the actual exams so that future test takers get a more accurate feel for the overall exam experience. Good news. Our new practice exams come as close to the “real thing” [...]

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1月 252017

Are you interested in taking an advanced course on the machine learning topic of Neural Networks? Does text mining on unstructured data sound interesting? Interested in becoming a certified predictive modeler using Enterprise Miner? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then your first step is likely to […]

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