sas championship

10月 132020

After he birdied the last two holes of the SAS Championship on Sunday, Ernie Els walked away with the trophy, besting a star-studded field to get his second win of the season. One of golfing’s greatest players with four major championships to his name, Els fired a 6-under 66 on a [...]

3 ways you can keep the success of SAS Championship rolling  was published on SAS Voices by Jenn Chase

10月 092019

What can data tell us about the easiest hole at your favorite golf course? Or which hole contributes the most to mastering the course? A golf instructor once told me golf is not my sport, and that my swing is hopeless, but that didn’t stop me from analyzing golf data. [...]

How to win the SAS Championship was published on SAS Voices by Frank Silva

10月 052012
They say golf is a simple game. The objective is straightforward; get a little white ball into the hole while minimizing the number of shots. Yet, anyone who has ever stepped up to the tee understands that there are many other factors at play. I can’t tell you why, but [...]