SAS Customer Intelligence 360

10月 132020

SAS is on a marketing transformation mission. One that has targeting and personalization at the forefront. One that looks at customer journeys from a true omnichannel perspective – not through each of the channels in which we're executing. We’re bringing in brand, demand and engagement with the customer at the center [...]

3 ways SAS is modernizing its marketing technology – and the customer experience was published on SAS Voices by Michele Eggers

9月 302020
According to the SAS Experience 2030 global study, by the year 2030 67% of in-person customer engagements (think sales assistance and information queries) will be completed by smart machines rather than humans. And while it may seem a bit ironic, the most personalized customer experiences could involve no people at [...]
8月 192020

No matter what your brand's level of marketing maturity is, SAS can help you move from data to insight to action with rich functionality for adaptive planning, journey activation and an embedded real-time decision engine – all fueled by powerful analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. Let's begin with a [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Introduction to marketing data management was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

1月 282020

Despite all the handwringing by marketers and advertisers, Google’s latest move to phase out Chrome’s third-party cookie support -- "in two years” -- is not a new one. Apple released Intelligent Tracking Prevention for its Safari browser in 2017 to prevent third parties from tracking users for over 24 hours [...]

3 ways the crumbling cookie could improve customer experience was published on SAS Voices by Wilson Raj

12月 122018

I promised in my previous post on automated segment comparisons that I would reveal more about how SAS measures differences between segment profiles. To recap, we wanted to have a method that would determine: If two segments are different in a meaningful way. By how much? What descriptive attributes best [...]

Segment comparisons – How to measure the difference was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

11月 072018

How different is different? Descriptive analytics is powerful. You get to see your data and seeing is believing as they say. But blindly believing what you see is not always the best strategy. Asking someone else if they see what you see helps but is still subjective. Objectivity starts with [...]

Segment comparisons – Seeing is believing but measuring is knowing was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

11月 062018

The only constant is change – Heraclitus As online user behavior continues to evolve, user expectations are growing as well. More and more, users expect to be known; thus, web personalization and targeted content are becoming mission critical and an expectation, not an exception. Using SAS Customer Intelligence 360, we [...]

Using SAS at SAS: How content targeting drives better UX was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

10月 302018

In an earlier blog post my colleague, Suneel Grover, wrote about how to take advantage of the product recommendations technology implemented in SAS Customer Intelligence 360. He noted that two methods are implemented behind the scenes, a visitor-centric and a product (or item)-centric approach. And most importantly, while some sophisticated [...]

Better product-centric recommendations using SAS Customer Intelligence 360 was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

10月 252018

Recommendation systems work best when you can provide them with as many relevant examples as possible. On the other hand, increasing the number of products or offers leads to recommendation blind spots, especially early on in training the system. This cold-start problem is a challenge for most recommendation systems. SAS [...]

How hybrid recommendations improve SAS Customer Intelligence 360 results was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

10月 022018

For those new to SAS Customer Intelligence 360, its functionality can seem vast, but I found it easy to jump in and get started. With this cloud-based software you can combine multiple data sources to create a full picture of your site visitors and better know your customers. SAS Customer [...]

Using SAS at SAS: A new user's perspective on SAS Customer Intelligence 360 was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.