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12月 102018

When I was growing up, there were two kinds of Sundays: regular Sundays and George Sundays. George was the proprietor of a local Italian restaurant in my hometown and hosted the extended LaRusso clan for Sunday lunch every few weeks. His restaurant, appropriately named George’s, owns some of my favorite childhood memories – and some of my worst.

Every couple of months, my aunts, uncles, a baker’s dozen of cousins, and my immediate family members would take over George’s backroom and see if we could challenge the city’s noise ordinance. George would do nothing to discourage us, appearing every so often to fire balls of uncooked dough at us or ply us with more caffeine-laced sugary drinks, despite instructions to the contrary from our parents.

Invariably, though, an otherwise pleasant afternoon took a turn for the worse as we were leaving the restaurant. That was when my parents, thinking they were doing us a favor, would let us choose one item off George’s famous “candy wall.” You see, George didn’t stock just one or two different kinds of candy, he had dozens. Every different kind of chocolate bar, brand of gum, and flavor of jelly beans beckoned from George’s Candy Wall. For a 6 or 7-year-old kid, it was just too much. All these choices literally paralyzed me. Ten minutes of indecisiveness and several ultimatums later my parents would usher me out of the restaurant, usually empty-handed and crying. Even on the rare occasions when I did settle on something, I spent the rest of the afternoon lamenting my decision, thinking I left behind something that I would have enjoyed more.

When it comes to the multitude of great support and learning resources we offer new users of SAS, I often wonder if it can feel like you’re staring at George’s Candy Wall as well. While remains the holy grail of SAS customer support, there are so many good choices, it can sometimes be hard to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together a new resource to make things easier for new SAS users: the SAS Starter Kit.

Need help navigating SAS Support Resources? Here’s your guide

SAS Support ResourcesThe SAS Starter Kit is the perfect place for SAS newbies to start, outlining the five essential steps to help you learn the basics, grow your skills and connect with other users from around the world.

Step 1 invites you to create a SAS profile. A profile provides you access to things like free, on-demand training, software downloads and access to our SAS Communities, where you can ask questions, get answers and connect with SAS experts from nearly every industry and around the world. You can

Step 2 is your SAS Resource Cheat Sheet. SAS Cares is your one stop listing of all the SAS resources you’ll ever need. Add it to your web favorites or print it out and add a little color to your cube. Keep this one close; it provides quick, one-click access to some of SAS’ most helpful resources.

Step 3 is designed to expand your SAS knowledge. This step introduces you to a full menu of free tutorials to binge watch, a number of free e-courses for a deeper dive and a number of other learning resources from e-books to webinars and more.

Step 4 is the perfect resource if you’re completely new to SAS or just trying something new. Our New SAS User Community is a great place to get coding help, share ideas and best practices, or just lurk! Our SAS Communities have more than 200,000 members ready to help get you unstuck or share what they know.

Finally, Step 5 introduces you to product-specific resources to help develop your skills with your specific tools. Here you’ll find the latest product news, code samples, and step-by-step instructional resources to guide you through common tasks using your product of choice.

I hope you find the SAS Starter Kit a sweet addition to your SAS toolkit.

Five essential steps to getting started with SAS

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6月 022015

SAS Customer Contact Center

SAS Cares. That’s how we want you to feel once you become a SAS customer. How do we do that? By bringing all of the support resources together with one goal in mind – helping you become a better SAS user.

The SAS Cares experience involves everything from searching on the support website to receiving one of our e- newsletters, or maybe interacting with us on social media and the communities. This handy SAS Cares infographic contains everything you need to know.

The SAS Cares challenge

What is SAS doing differently? Last year, customer-facing teams at SAS challenged themselves to identify ways to improve your overall experience as SAS software customers and to solve your inquiries immediately.

As part of that challenge, SAS conducted its own research and met with national brands with a reputation of excellent customer service.  We wanted an external perspective from our business peers to better understand how they are actively engaging customers. The takeaways were clear:

  • Customers want to communicate in the channel of their choice.
  • Timely and consistent responses are expected from the first point of contact.
  • Subject matter experts and service levels need to be predefined to prevent roadblocks in customer service.

Here are some of the ways SAS is meeting that challenge and changing the customer experience.

SAS Customer Contact Center

On the front lines of the experience is the SAS Customer Contact Center.

The contact center is that one readily accessible resource for you to engage with SAS, have your questions answered and be connected with the right contact or place quickly.

SAS knows that whether you are inquiring about your software purchase, training or books, you want to decide how to communicate with us. The SAS Customer Contact Center offers all these options: social platforms like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, forms, phone, live chat, email or e-commerce.

What’s new in SAS customer support?

As a result of its research, SAS teams such as the Customer Contact Center and Customer Loyalty have added a number of options as part of their efforts to enhance our frontline support and meet  your demands for digital resources and support:

  • Streamlining the first point of entry for customers:
  • Expanding its e-commerce options to include free software for students, professors and individual learners and free trials for select offerings.
  • Resolving issues on first contact by opening SAS Technical Support tracks for complex installation and implementation issues, and leveraging the SAS communities for usage guidance.
  • Offering Ask the Expert, interactive sessions with SAS experts to get your questions answered.

There are so many ways SAS Cares about its customers. Learn more about how we can help you become a better SAS user.


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