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5月 012013
After an energy-packed opening session Sunday night at SAS Global Forum 2013 in San Francisco, hundreds of senior-level executives reconvened Monday in the Marriott Marquis for a day of discussion on what it means to be a high-performance organization. Big Data: We're all in this together Author and MIT Principal [...]
5月 012013

What is data mining and how do you find those golden chunks of information that transform your business? David Dickey from NC State University gives examples of how tools such as SAS® Enterprise Miner™ can help in his presentation "Finding the Gold in Your Data: An Overview of Data Mining" at the SAS Global Forum. Watch it now via Livestream:

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4月 302013

Fify students are presenting papers at SAS Global Forum 2013. Many of these students are SAS Global Forum Scholar winners and from the SAS Student Ambassador Program. Students Aude L. Pujula, David Isaias Maradiaga Pineda, Elizabeth Leslie and Mantosh Kumar Sarkar talk about how they use SAS and why it is important for other students to learn SAS:

In addition to student scholarships, SAS Global Forum also awards ten outstanding faculty members. Rebecca Ottesen, winner from California Polytechnic State University, talks about the importance of student and faculty attending SAS Global Forum:

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4月 302013

Timothy Rey from The Dow Chemical Company describes how to get the most value from your data using mining techniques specific to data collected over time. Examples of these methodologies in action will be included. Watch "Using Data Mining in Forecasting Problems" at the SAS Global Forum now via Livestream:

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4月 302013
It might not be the battle of good versus evil, but it’s a clash that can profoundly affect a company’s success. So, what are the HiPPOs and geeks fighting over? It’s the way an organization chooses to tackle its biggest challenges. But before we delve into that topic, it’s important [...]
4月 302013

Managers, boards of directors, executives - everyone needs up-to-date information for decision making. And today that often means they need it in real-time. James Beaver and Tobin Scroggins from Farm Bureau Bank give their users the option of emailed reports for this real-time or near real-time information, or the users can access the dashboard to create personalized reports.

Orginally, Beaver and Scroggins wanted to use the SAS® Information Delivery Portal to provide financial information to the state representatives of Farm Bureau Insurance. But as they were building out the dashboard and reporting capabilities, they realized that it had broader uses for them.

Their seemed to be a separation between internal customers (e.g. documentation, lending, personal banking) and external customers (Farm Bureau Insurance agents and state representations). A step to reduce that sense of distance was to provide the dashboard and daily financial reports to all stakeholders.

Various departments are supported by the work that Beaver and Scroggins do, including the board of directors, lenders, documentation, underwriting and personal banking. The reports help these customers compare and contrast department against department, county against county, state against state, etc. “It gives them a better idea of what’s going on,” says Scroggins.

Beaver and Scroggins wrote “Using SAS® Enterprise BI for Integrated Bank Reporting” to show other SAS users how to create and present reports using SAS® Enterprise BI Server and the SAS® Information Delivery Portal.

In their paper, they cover the following reports:

  • Financial balance sheet and income statement
  • Variance reports with actual, budgeted and difference – by department and line item. The reports let the user to drill down to the general ledger entry.
  • Daily and monthly new account volume
  • New account volume by geographic area and type

The dashboard and reports are for anyone in the organization who is using BI applications – for instance, administrators and analysts may be very comfortable manipulating a cube, whereas business users and executives may only want an “easily digestible” piece that shows up every morning in an email.

“We are in a place now where things are siloed, but we’re moving toward using SAS as the reporting system for the entire organization,” says Scroggins. “So, that will be our one version of the truth.”

According to Scroggins, he and Beaver don’t deliver reports to Farm Bureau Insurance customers, but the reports may help the internal stakeholders serve the customers better. There are no metrics to verify that the reports and dashboards have improved the bank’s operation or performance - no money saved, no extra money earned – but perhaps this soft ROI is just as important.

Read Scroggins and Beaver’s paper, “Using SAS Enterprise BI for Integrated Bank Reporting.” You can find all of the 2013 SAS Global Forum papers here.

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4月 302013

It was a packed house at the Moscone West Center in San Francisco last night as more than 4,000 SAS users and employees from around the world gathered together to officially kick off SAS® Global Forum.
Following the live software demos from customers and SAS development teams, Technical Support Vice President Annette Harris took the stage to announce the 2013 winner of the SAS User Feedback Award.

The award was presented to Andrew Lynch, Vice President of Chase Customer Analytics with JPMorgan Chase. Lynch helped improve the functionality of the SAS High-Performance Analytics platform and demonstrate its value in the field.

Andrew Lynch of JPMorgan Chase accepts 2013 User Feedback Award from Annette Harris

“I would like to thank SAS and the various support teams who have engaged with me over the past year to improve our end-user’s experience while enhancing overall product functionality,” Lynch said. “I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with a partner who values input and feedback and is willing to incorporate and integrate those thoughts into their entire product line. This is a tremendous honor, and I look forward to working with SAS well into the future.”

Stay up-to-date with news and livestreaming from San Francisco this week. (See related SWW story with more information, and stay tuned to the SWW for further updates.)

Lisa Arney and Kate Moye also contributed to this post.

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