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4月 242012
Resourceful Publications colleagues shared highlights of day one at SAS Global Forum. SAS documentation, Kindle Fire surveys, SAS students, preview copies, and high-performance analytics top the list: Sean Gargan – Director, SAS Publishing Monday morning musing from the Bookstore at SAS Global Forum... I had the good fortune to meet three enterprising [...]
4月 242012

Today, everyone from chief marketing officers to the senior vice president of sales to bloggers want to know more about the behavior of the readers and consumers who are clicking on Web pages, Internet articles and blogs.  Clickstream data is a valuable source of information about the products, services and information that resonates with the customer, but how can you analyze this mix of structured and unstructured data that comes from such a variety of places? 

Sumit Sukhwani, Satish Garla and Goutam Chakraborty from Oklahoma State University have written a macro to help you do just that!I saw Sukhwani present the group's paper during a 10-minute Coder's Corner at SAS Global Forum in Orlando. Sukhwani says that the goal of his presentation is to show that SAS - which you already have - can give your organization the same deep insights as Google Analytics.

"Web logs are complicated, but they can provide a lot of information, including which is the most visited Web page, where are the visitors spending the most time, average time spent by a vistitor on your website and who are your regular visitors," said Sukhwani.  "With this insight, you can change your site."

He says the benefits of using the SAS macro versus Google Analytics or sending your data to a vendor to analyze are reduced cost, control of your own data and flexibility. For example, in response to an audience question, Sukhwani and his colleague Satish Garla said that the code can be altered to include a session ID so that your customers could be tracked through to a sale or download.

To get their code and view the plentiful charts and examples, download Analysis of Clickstream Data Using SAS®.

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4月 242012


New this year to SAS Global Forum are Tech Talks. In this session, Chris Hemedinger is chatting with:

High-Performance Data Mining
Jared Dean, Director of SAS Enterprise Miner R&D

Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis: Case study of
Jim Cox, Senior Manager of SAS Text Miner R&D

SAS/ACCESS to Hadoop
Howard Plemmons, Director of SAS/ACCESS R&D

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4月 242012
The second full day at SAS Global Forum is in the books. One of the most informative ways that users learned about JMP was stopping by the demo floor. Throughout the day, JMP technical experts shared 15-minute Super Demos, where they highlighted new and exciting features in JMP 10.  Topics [...]
4月 232012
Ron Cody is the author of several bestselling SAS books, including his latest SAS Statistics by Example. He's also one of the most highly regarded SAS experts anywhere. One could even make the case that Ron has achieved somewhat of a cult status within the SAS user community. Whether you've gotten a chance to meet Ron [...]
4月 232012
SAS Global Forum is the premier event for SAS professionals around the world.  The conference environment this week is electric and it’s just getting started.  For several students and faculty, the conference started off with an opportunity to meet the CEO of SAS, Dr. Jim Goodnight, who is well-known for [...]
4月 232012


The Technology Connection is one of the most anticipated and most talked about events at SAS Global Forum. This year, that will surely be the case. The skits truly showed the real world practicality and value of what these new products bring to the table. Whether you were at the event live or are just getting a chance to see this for the first time - sit back and prepare yourself to be wowed. You can also get ready for a couple of real laughs (John Brocklebank may have missed his calling!)

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4月 232012

Opening Session for SAS Global Forum 2012 had some extraordinary announcements and entertainment - among them SAS CEO Jim Goodnight sat down at his computer to demo the newest high-performance analytics product in front of a packed house. I knew you'd want to take another look at this amazing show, so I've saved it here for you. If you have questions or want to talk with someone about anything you see here, let me know.

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4月 232012

SAS Global Forum behind the scenes (Photo~Chris Lester)

“It is what it is” is a popular phrase among 25-to 35-year-olds. Some use this catchall phrase to express acceptance when things can't be changed - things are beyond their control and they are OK with that.

It can hold a negative connotation, too. It could be synonymous with “We’ve run out of time” or “There’s nothing more you can do” or “Just accept it as it is.” Settle.

Thanks to SAS Global Forum, I’ve had a change of heart about this phrase. I've seen that awesome people working together can make amazing things happen. After months and months of planning and days of watching this fabulous conference go from concept to reality, a light bulb went off. 

SAS Global Forum ‘is what it is’

I may be chanting that phrase through all of the next year. To me, it’s an event that represents thousands of SAS users coming together from around the world to share their knowledge, passion and friendship. It’s an event run by the SAS Global Users Group, a volunteer organization, to ensure this opportunity continues to exist. It’s an event with hundreds of volunteers who spend their own time and resources to certify this is truly a user event. It’s an event that exemplifies strength and power through community. 

This event gets better and better every year. In fact, even after we get to the venue, new ideas are brought to the table and put in place to make it better than we’d ever dreamed. After being part of SAS Global Forum for 5 years now, I could go on and on about what this event is to me. What does it mean to you?

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