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4月 082010
Contributed by Meg Crawford, Marketing Specialist, User & Customer Marketing; Kirsten Hamstra, Web Marketing Specialist, SAS Publishing; and Michele Reister, Field Marketing Specialist, SAS Education.

If you read last month’s Open Mic blog posts from Meg Crawford and Kirsten Hamstra about all the great social media activities happening at SAS Global Forum, then you’re pretty well-informed, but here’s the latest master list of everything social media-related happening at SAS Global Forum.

Twitter and the SAS Global Forum TweetSpot
If you aren't already, start following us on Twitter @SASGLOBALFORUM or join the conversation that will be continuing throughout SAS Global Forum with our hashtag, #SGF10. We also have a few other recommendations for you: @SASPublishing, @SASTraining, @WaynetteTubbs, @alisonbolen, @DavidBThomas, @deb_orton, @kellylevoyer, @abrown7, @hrenee and @sasCommunity will all be dishing up some good SAS Global Forum tweets.

Want to meet your fellow SAS Global Forum tweeters? Attend the SAS Seattle TweetUp on April 11 at 9:00 p.m. at the Tap House Grill. Register early, space is limited.

Are you not yet sold on Twitter? Let us show you how cool it is. Stop by the TweetSpot outside the Demo Area on the Sky Bridge where we’ll be offering tutorials, signing up new accounts, and tweeting with conference attendees. We know you’ll be hooked by the end of SAS Global Forum.
Even if you’re not ready to sign up just yet, you won’t be left out because our GIANT Twitter Wall above the entrance to the Demo Area will keep you in the loop. Check out all the live, scrolling tweets to see what everyone is saying about the conference.

SAS Global Forum Connect
Connect with your peers on SAS Global Forum Connect at New for, SAS Global Forum Connect enables SAS Global Forum 2010 attendees to connect online before and during the conference. Even if you're not attending in-person, you can still participate.
Find colleagues on the searchable / sortable list, add messages to the public Message Board, send messages, add colleagues, view Web site contributions, add photo avatars & more! Stay connected during the conference and keep your connections all year long.

Facebook is a great way to get real-time updates about the conference, new happenings and key information, and interact with SAS professionals and users who will be in attendance. The SAS Global Forum Facebook Fan Page has more than 700 active members and is growing daily. We also recommend you become a fan of the SAS Publishing and SAS Training & Certification pages. We will all be posting photos and status updates live from the Demo Floor. Watch our feeds and you just might win some free SAS goodies!

There will be LOTS of blogging going on during SAS Global Forum. The official SAS Global Forum blog features many talented voices from all over SAS. Read along to follow a series of posts during the conference to hear from SAS employees serving a wide variety of roles at SAS Global Forum. Gain insight into popular paper presentations, Demo Hall activities, breaking SAS news and the latest conference updates.

You’ll also want to visit the Open Mic blog to hear from SAS Press authors, SAS Publishing editors and others as they blog live from the conference. SAS Training & Certification will be launching a new blog next month but first we need your help! Vote for your favorite blog name or suggest your own and you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win a free training class!

Linked in
The SAS Global Forum LinkedIn Group has more than 400 members and is a great way to connect with other professionals in your field who will be sharing their insights at the conference. Joining the Fans of SAS Books and SAS Training & Certification LinkedIn groups will keep you in touch with your peers long after SAS Global Forum 2010 ends.

Get a closer look at SAS Global Forum through the informal video interview series, Inside SAS Global Forum 2010 hosted by Dave Thomas, SAS Social Media Manager and Waynette Tubbs, Editor of the SAS Tech Report. We would love to hear your ideas for what you’d like to see on Inside SAS Global Forum. Who would you like us to interview? Please send your ideas to

Last year, SAS Publishing kicked off a new video series featuring interviews with SAS Press authors during the M2009 Data Mining Conference and The Premier Business Leadership Series Conference in October and will be continuing it at this year's major conferences including SAS Global Forum. Armed with a handheld Kodak Zi8, Kirsten Hamstra will be tracking down authors and asking them 3-4 questions which she’ll then edit together into a fun video montage for SAS Publishing’s YouTube channel.

Also, if you’ve ever taken a SAS Training class, we encourage you to visit the video interview station in the Demo Hall at the SAS Education Center to record a short video about how SAS training has helped you. We will also be putting together a video montage for SAS Training’s YouTube channel.

SAS Social Media Analytics Launch
SAS will announce a new social media analytics solution April 12 via a live webcast. See it in person at SAS Global Forum during the opening ceremony or watch it live at and tweet about it with the #SASSMA hashtag. During the webcast you’ll hear from social media and analytics experts, see the new software in action and have the opportunity to ask questions. Don’t miss this highly anticipated product launch!

Meeting you Face-to-Face!
Obviously you can tell we love communicating with our customers and colleagues via social media, but there’s still nothing better than good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication. We can’t wait to meet you in person and talk about whatever it is you want to talk about it – social media, SAS Global Forum, new SAS technologies, restaurants, books, sports, travel, children…you get the idea – we’re excited to get to know as many people as we can. After all, isn’t networking one of the greatest benefits of attending a conference?
4月 072010

Keith Collins, SAS Chief Technology Officer talks about SAS Global Forum, virtualization, high-performance computing and running SAS on the new Intel Xeon 7500 platform.

Web Links:

4月 022010
I guess we’ve said it thousands of times in thousands of ways: SAS Global Forum is a meeting place. It’s a great opportunity to discuss SAS software and make connections with others who have similar interests and objectives.

I can hear what you’re thinking: In this advanced communications age, many of you have already connected. You’ve told other SAS users who connect on, SAS-L, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut, Facebook or any of a zillion other online meeting spots about the cool ways that you’re using SAS. But what if you missed someone who still doesn’t connect through social media? You could go old-school. You could write the story of your SAS innovation and post it on the Innovation Wall that will be in the Demo Room at SAS Global Forum.

There’ll be more than 3000 users from around the world attending this year’s SAS Global Forum. What if one of those attendees sees your creative use of SAS and presents you with a new research paper idea? Better yet, what if you see someone’s innovative work and it finalizes the work you’ve been puzzling? Take a minute to pin your note to the wall and then browse through the work that others have posted. Take a stroll past SAS’ timeline, too. Many of you will marvel as you take a trip down that memory lane.

The Innovation Wall will be open during the Demo Room hours:
  • Monday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  • Monday, 6:00 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. (SAS sponsored evening reception)
  • Tuesday, 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Wednesday, 8:00 – 11:00 a.m.

I’d love to talk to you about your innovative use of SAS. Send me an e-mail if you find you have time for a short interview. If you are interested in sharing your SAS story on so that other SAS users can learn from your work, enter your story at Share Your SAS Journey or speak to someone at the demo station at SAS Global Forum.
4月 012010
Contributed by Stacy Hobson, Director of Customer Loyalty, SAS

I just got back to my desk after our SAS Global Forum staff meeting and I have to say... the excitement level is sky high! Each of us supporting Global Forum this year is truly grateful for the opportunity to get together with our customers and get the kind of feedback that we can use to make meaningful change happen here at SAS. As the head of our new Customer Loyalty organization, I am particularly interested in spending time with you in Seattle to fully understand what we can do to facilitate a strong and lasting relationship.

We have received a lot of feedback so far through surveys, forums, and general "chatter" around the content that is currently available to you. We have spoken to a number of you who have lamented the fact that you had to pull content from different places and modify it to meet your needs. Help us to understand where we are missing the mark on content and what we can do to provide you the right information in the appropriate format.
What content can we provide to:

  • help you communicate the value of SAS within your organization

  • help your strategic planning around your SAS implementation

  • ease your next migration

  • help you connect with other users and share experience?

If you have ideas or feedback, I would encourage you to join us at the Meetup, Samples and Forums and Tips, Oh My! Tell Us What SAS Web Content is Most Relevant to You on Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. in meeting room 615. This is a great opportunity to have an impact on what we focus on when we return to SAS and as I said earlier, affect meaningful change in how we provide you the information you need as a SAS customer.
3月 302010
There was a time when climbing the social and professional ladder meant you had to join the right clubs and shake the right hands. Effective networkers smiled at all of the right jokes, went to this party but not that and handed out business cards like a politician hands out kisses. But today, most of those norms have been replaced with online resumes, informal profiles and hourly status updates. Does this leave you struggling to find a networking arena that fits you? has developed an online networking and messaging center called SAS Global Forum Connect Online.

SAS Global Forum Connect Online is similar to LinkedIn in that you are creating a profile to allow others in the community to find you based upon your specified qualities and interests. The main distinction is that SAS Global Forum Connect is hosted on, a community of SAS users who share technical help and SAS code with one another throughout the year.

SAS Global Forum Connect is the latest in a long string of community-focused additions to the site. In the past year, updates have included a blog page called Planet, Tip of the Day, a @sasCommunity Twitter ID and an Employment Opportunity Registry.

If you are attending SAS Global Forum, your SAS Global Forum Connect Online can help you find others who are also attending. You can schedule get togethers with old friends or find a new friend or research connection. SAS Global Forum Connect Online is also open to you if you aren’t able to attend the conference. Use the message board year round to stay connected to SAS colleagues, plan presentations, share technical content, ask for help or mentor other SAS users.

Couple SAS Global Forum Connect Online with the SAS Global Forum Personal Agenda Builder and you’ll be sure to have a full dance card in Seattle!
3月 302010
For years, SAS has collected information from SAS Global Forum attendees about how they use SAS software. In recent years, we have also conducted small usability tests and surveys. The results are always useful and interesting. In an effort to help SAS Global Forum 2010 attendees find all of the paths to providing their feedback, I conducted a quick interview with Paul Hankey, who manages the SAS Usability Lab. Be sure to look for his station and provide your feedback while at SAS Global Forum.

Renee: From my vantage point on the demo floor, I can see that you usually have people two and three deep at your booth. What are you doing over there?
Paul: We’re getting feedback from SAS Global Forum attendees on new product designs. Sometimes it’s just a component that will go into a product, but other times we’ll use a fully-functioning prototype for the evaluations. We also gather attendee reactions to various customer-facing Web sites.

Renee: Usability sounds interesting. What exactly does that mean?
Paul: There are four main phases to the usability process.
  • The first is user research – defining what users need to do their job and using that to help determine what should go into a product.

  • The second phase is designing the feature workflow (e.g. how you get the user from Point A to Point X) as well as creating the user interface.

  • The third part is putting the design in front of representative users and getting their input on what works and what doesn’t work.

  • Finally, information from the evaluation is used to modify the design. We typically do a combination of the first and third steps at SAS Global Forum.

Renee: Do you get good information doing this small/short timeframe test?
Paul: The quality of information we obtain is excellent. Obviously we can’t look at everything in a 15-minute timeframe, so we’ll choose the more important features of a product to focus on. We wouldn’t be doing this if it weren’t helping us improve our products!

Renee: What are you testing this year?
Paul: We’ll have five or six different things to show and test. We’ll get feedback on some of the new Flash Flex components, test a tree-map visualization, gather information on the design of the 9.2 documentation Web site, and look at different features for the Outlook portion of Add-in for Microsoft Office. We’ll also be demonstrating and getting feedback on the design of a new SAS social-media component.

Renee: Can you tell us a little about how the information you have gathered has changed SAS products and services?
Paul: Information we’ve gathered at previous conferences has directly impacted a number of SAS products, such as Web Report Studio, the Outlook portion of Add-in for Microsoft Office, the e-Learning framework, the Documentation Library, as well as Web sites from Publications, Technical Support and Education. We’ve also had people compare designs for bullet graphs that could be used in dashboards, and the BI Dashboard, itself. Every year the variety of products and services we evaluate seems to grow and grow.

As you can see, the feedback that SAS gathers from our customers is valuable. If you find yourself on the demo floor with 15 minutes to spare, be sure to look for Paul and do a little testing.
3月 222010
Contributed by Memsy Price, Manager, Online Customer Support, SAS

Spring has sprung in North Carolina and here on the team our thoughts have turned towards sunny afternoons, daffodils, and — oh my goodness! — all we have to do before SAS Global Forum.

The 2010 SAS Global Forum, in Seattle, will be only my second, which makes me whatever ranks below novice in SAS years. What I lack in years of attendance, though, I’m making up for in enthusiasm. My first SAS Global Forum was a terrific experience — I got to meet and talk with so many users, and to hear directly from you what you like and, almost more importantly, what you don’t like about

I hope this year will bring more of the same. Three of us from the support site team — Renee Harper, Paul Tidball, and myself — will be in Seattle working a station in the demo room. We’ll be showing the new SASware Ballot application, the recently-unveiled Advanced Search feature, updates to the product pages, some tips and tricks for navigating and searching the site, and some pointers about how to get the most out of the discussion forums.

Mostly, though, we hope you stop by to share your ideas with us. We talk to you every day in the forums, on e-mail, and through this blog, but we welcome the chance to talk face-to-face.

In addition to our spot in the demo room, the extended team has a couple of other activities planned. We hope that you can find time to add these to your conference agenda.
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4月 152009
The Proceedings from SUGI 24 forward are available on You can browse the table of contents for the Proceedings or search the Proceedings collection by visiting the SAS Global Forum site at

However, you can search all of the papers that are available on, including the Proceedings, from one spot. Try this.

  1. Go to
  2. Type your term or phrase in the search entry field in the top right corner of the page.
  3. Select the down arrow for the drop list, then select Papers.
  4. Select the Search button or hit your Enter key.
The search results include appropriate entries from the Proceedings, all TS Docs, and all technical papers that are available on

Note: You can also browse our technical papers by visiting and selecting a topic category.

What do you think; is the papers search a useful tool for locating information?
4月 022009
Once again, Alan Hoffler and Brendan Bailey trolled the halls of SAS Global Forum with a camera and microphone. They interviewed everyone from the SAS Student Scholarship Winner to John Sall, Jim Davis, Dr. Goodnight, and even yours truly.

You can view the videos on the SAS Global Forum blog at without having to visit YouTube. This feature gives those of you who cannot visit YouTube access to the videos. Have no fear YouTube fans, the videos are also available on the SAS YouTube channel.

Update: To view the videos without visiting YouTube, visit the SAS Global Forum blog and look for links that look like this:

Tip: If you are preparing for SAS Global Forum 2010, you may want to watch the video on Submitting a Paper to SAS Global Forum.
3月 182009

Hi SAS Professionals -- I’m Anne-Lindsay Beall, one of the editors for the SAS Global Forum Daily News. Waynette Tubbs, who you all know from the SAS Tech Report, will be our other roving reporter.

This year, the Daily News will be delivered as an e-newsletter -- right to your inbox every morning -- full of the day’s highlights, tips for getting the most out of the conference, a daily message from SAS Global Forum 
Conference Chair Lori Griffin, interviews with presenters and attendees, and much more.

 During the conference, you’ll also be able to view the newsletter on the SAS Global Forum Web site. 

 If you have any questions, suggestions or conference tips to share, please let me know.  See you in DC!