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4月 202016

As we look at the last 40 years of innovation using analytics, it can be both humbling and inspiring. I mean, who would have anticipated 40 years ago that SAS® would be used to analyze genomic data and help develop specialized medications as a result? Who would have guessed that […]

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4月 192016

SAS users are always looking for ways to optimize, maximize, and prioritize just about everything.  And that includes the precious commodity of time away from the office, even for users at a premier event like SAS Global Forum.  Sure attendees get to learn and share with the best and brightest […]

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4月 162016

SAS Global ForumIs it just me, or does it feel a little bit like Christmas Eve? I think it's because SAS Global Forum 2016 is right around the corner, and for many SAS users, it's the most wonderful time of the year. If you're heading to Las Vegas, get ready for three days of learning from SAS peers, exchanging ideas, discovering new techniques for using SAS, and maybe, if you play your cards right (see what I did there?), a dash of fun as well. If only there was something exciting to do in Las Vegas...

All this sounds great if you're one of the 5,000 SAS users who will be at the event (April 18-21 @ The Venetian), right? But what if you can't make the trip to Las Vegas? Is there another way to experience some of the great content that will be shared there? I'm happy to say the answer is yes!

This year, SAS will provide dozens of hours of live video streaming from the event, so you can watch select sessions from the Users and Executive Programs from wherever you are. Live coverage will include Opening Session, all the keynote talks, select breakouts, Tech Talks, updates from The Quad, interviews with SAS executives and developers, and more. Additional videos will be available on the SAS Global Forum Video Portal. Here you'll find featured, most popular, and how-to videos, as well as episodes of Inside SAS Global Forum. You can even view videos from past events. Coverage will be available for on-demand viewing after the conference as well.

Video not your thing? No worries. SAS will provide several other ways to stay up to date. For starters, you can read any of a number of blog posts from the event. Posts will come from many different SAS blogs, but all posts from SAS Global Forum will be aggregated here.

If you're on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, you can stay connected with what's happening and engage with attendees on SAS’ social media channels. Join the conversation, comment on some of the cool presentations you attended or viewed, discuss the exciting news coming out of the event, or simply follow along. The channels sure to have the most activity are the SAS Users LinkedIn group, the SAS Twitter account, and the SAS Users Group Facebook page. The hashtag for SAS Global Forum is #SASGF; be sure to use the hashtag in all your posts.

With all the opportunities to follow along, connect and contribute, you can be a part of SAS Global Forum 2016, whether you're attending in person or not. And if you're a SAS user, that's almost as exciting as a visit from Santa.

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4月 122016

Places to visit while in Las Vegas for SAS Global Forum 2016People sometimes ask me, “What is there to do when I’m in town for SAS Global Forum when I’m NOT attending the conference? After getting over the shock of finding these people in my house, emptying out my fridge, I realize they are simply offering me positive reinforcement based on my post on the subject from last year.

With this year’s conference in Las Vegas, I could simply say “Stop by the casinos, catch a show or two, and enjoy the many dining options,” but they COULD have figured THAT out on their own. Instead, I started looking for things that are a little non-traditional, and Las Vegas does “non-traditional” so well. (For the record, unless stated otherwise, I’ve not visited the locations or been a customer of the services.)


Shark Reef Aquarium at Mandalay Bay is the only facility in Nevada accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums. Located in the back of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, this Aquarium features numerous species, including piranha, a Komodo Dragon, Golden Crocodiles, and of course, sharks. (If you’re a Certified Diver, you can even sign up to swim with the sharks.) Call before visiting though, especially during evening hours – as I discovered the last time SAS Global Forum was in Las Vegas, this attraction has been known to close early to rent the facility to private parties.

If you’re on a budget, consider visiting the Flamingo Hotel’s Wildlife Habitat, which includes pelicans, turtles, parrots, and, of course, flamingos; The MGM Grand’s Lion Habitat; the 117,000 gallon Silverton Aquarium and nearby Bass Pro Shop freshwater exhibits; and the 50,000 gallon Atlantis Aquarium at the Forum Shoppes in Caesars Palace. All these attractions are free.

Offbeat Museums

If you’re around my age, you may remember the flamboyant pianist Liberace; unfortunately, his long-running museum has closed down his wardrobe and candelabra collection sold off. However, Las Vegas IS the obvious place for something called “The Mob Museum.” Located downtown, this relatively new facility has garnered praise from those who have visited. You could also consider visiting the National Pinball Hall of Fame, which is across the street from the old Liberace museum.


Unfortunately, the UNLV Running Rebels are done playing basketball for the year, and the NHL has yet to announce their anticipated expansion into the city. And baseball fans will have to be flexible; the Las Vegas 51s will be on the road between April 15th and 22nd. But, if you’re coming into town early or staying late, consider taking the short trip north of town to watch the AAA affiliate of the New York Mets play at Cashman Field.  Most seats are under $20 – many well under!  (I HAVE been to a game here, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.)

Television Sites

Many movies and television shows have been shot in Las Vegas. The famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign is an American icon and been featured in so many movies. You can find it in the median at 5100 Las Vegas Boulevard South, or you can get your photo with a replica at the airport if you prefer.  “Vegas Vic,” another famous sign featuring a cowboy, still exists and can be found on Fremont Street. (His arm no longer moves, and the speech has been turned off, but the landmark itself is still there.)

The “World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop” featured in the reality TV show Pawn Stars is about 3.5 miles north on Las Vegas Blvd.  Some have advised me that “it’s just another little pawn shop” and “the TV people are almost never there”, but this is a chance to wander in and see something you recognize from theTV show, orbuy a T-shirt commemorating your visit. . On a related note, the director of the Clark County Museum, Mark Hall-Patton, often appears on the show; the museum itself is located about 30 minutes  outside of town in Henderson, Nevada. (1830 S. Boulder Hwy, $2 admission).  Danny “The Count” Koker, who rolled into his own show “Counting Cars,” offers **FREE** tours of “Count’s Kustoms,” which is located a couple of blocks behind Circus Circus. Rick’s Restorations, site of Pawn Stars now cancelled spin-off “American Restorations,” can also be found in Las Vegas, but I cannot find any reference that their Mesquite Ave. location offers tours.

Rehab” may have been canceled, but the namesake pool and “beach” club can still be found at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.

Bus Tours

If you’d like to get out of town, several tour companies offer hotel pick-up / drop-off coach trips to sites like Hoover Dam / Lake Mead, Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, Area 51 (allegedly), and even the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion National Parks.

Check with concierge or perform some web research; companies I found include,, and (prices and availabilities vary).

Show Tickets

If you want to see a show, but are not concerned with getting in to see any particular act may be interested in obtaining day-of-show tickets at a substantial discount off list price. Tix4Tonight updates their prices and availability at 9:30am each day; there may even be some names you’ll recognize on their daily roster.

For those that want to stay on the property and will be coming into town early, the spring tour of ABC’s “Nashville” will be stopping at the Venetian Theater on the evening Friday, April 15th.

Pick and choose how you want to spend your free time while in Las Vegas –remember, of course, that attending the conference events is your number one priority while you’re at SAS Global Forum!  See you there.





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4月 072016

When you’re making a report, how do you choose which procedure to use?  The answer is – it depends. It depends on: whether you are doing an ad hoc analysis or creating a final report that many people will see whether you will run statistical tests with your data or […]

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4月 052016

While you're at SAS Global Forum (or any conference) in Las Vegas, you might have a bit of spare time to do some sightseeing. Therefore I've put together a list & map of interesting things you might want to experience! Below is a snapshot of my map - click it […]

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4月 012016

The journey continues as we hear from the instructors for each of the courses being offered on Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22 after SAS Global Forum. Next up is Mark Jordan who developed and will teach the Introduction to DS2 and Hadoop course. Why should people get excited […]

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3月 292016

The journey continues as we hear from instructors for each of the courses being offered on Thursday and Friday, April 21 and 22 after SAS Global Forum. Our next stop is with instructor David Ghan who is teaching the Using SAS® Programs to Execute Pig and HiveQL in Hadoop and […]

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3月 232016

We continue to ready ourselves for this year’s SAS Global Forum coming up next month. On Monday, April 18, there will be two SAS Certification testing events. Then after the conference wraps up, SAS training instructors will be offering unique, hands-on training that you won’t find anywhere else. In this […]

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3月 222016

Did you know one of the attendees' favorite events at SAS Global Forum is to meet our bestselling authors? This year at SAS Global Forum 2016 we are planning a "Top Tips from Your Favorite SAS Press Authors" lunch where we will ask 3 or 4 authors to present a top tip […]

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