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9月 182012

Your SAS user experience matters to me and to everyone at SAS. That’s the reason we continue to build customer-focused programs. We want learn as much as possible about your experience: How do you interact with us? With which departments do you interact most, and what successes and challenges do you have? What do you think of the SAS events that you attend? Is the software easy to install? And so many other questions.

That's why we're happy to announce the members of the new SAS Community Leadership Council, dedicated to serving the SAS community of users, customers and SAS.

The council’s initial charter will include:

  • Developing new opportunities to build and strengthen relationships with SAS and between customers.
  • Collecting input and acting as a sounding board for issues and ideas.
  • Encouraging year-round participation in SAS communities, online events, social media, conferences and other events and activities.

In addition, joint advisory teams will be created to support specific initiatives and will consist of both customers and SAS employees.

Members of the SAS Community Leadership Council

An interim working group comprised of SAS® Global Users Group Executive Board members and SAS representatives selected the 13 members – seven customers and six SAS leaders.

Customers completed an application for consideration and were chosen for their leadership experience, expertise, SAS involvement and experience:

  • Matthew J. Becker, Senior Director of Global Head Statistical Programming, PharmaNet/i3.
  • Lauren Lake, Director of Statistical Programming and Analysis, Genentech Inc.
  • J. Philip Miller, Professor of Biostatistics and Medicine, Washington University School of Medicine.
  • Savitri "Savy" Sriram, Executive Vice President of Global Decision Management, Citigroup.
  • Julio Tavares, Vice President, Marketing Database Services.
  • Jeremy TerBush, Vice President of Global Analytics, Wyndham Exchange and Rentals.
  • Alvin “Al” Ventura, Assistant Vice President of Healthcare Economics Operations, Amerigroup Corp.

SAS members include:

  • Kathy Council, Vice President of Publications.
  • Andy Diggelmann, Vice President of R&D Planning, Operations and Strategy.
  • Annette Harris, Vice President of Technical Support.
  • Nick Lisi, Vice President of Americas Sales Operations.
  • Larry Stewart, Vice President of the Education Division.
  • Adele Sweetwood, Vice President of Americas Marketing and Support

The council's first meeting will be in October at SAS world headquarters.

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6月 082012

SAS and SAS users have a great history of collaborating to build and improve SAS software. Soon, that history will be repeated (on a grander scale!) with the development of the SAS Leadership Council.

The Leadership Council will be a team of seven SAS users and six leaders from SAS who will focus on strategic, operational and policy issues affecting the SAS community. The selection process for this team was developed by an interim working group comprised of SAS Global Users Group Executive Board members and select SAS representatives.

Qualifications to apply for the Leadership Council

  • Senior management: Business, technical or IT.
  • Key industries: Health and life sciences, financial services, retail, government or education.
  • Current SAS customer/user: Working with or for a company that is a current SAS customer or partner.
  • Leadership experience: Vice president, director, senior manager, team leader or project manager.
  • Recognized expert: Broad knowledge/familiarity or subject matter expertise.

Once established, the Council will recommend Joint Advisory Teams (JATs). These JATs, similar to a task force or working group, will concentrate on focused short-term and long-term customer-facing projects. The JATs will also be a joint SAS and SAS user collaborative effort.

Applications are being accepted June 11-25, and the inaugural SAS Leadership Council will take place in September 2012. If you have questions, please send an email to

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