SAS Macro Programming

5月 072018

Do you periodically delete unneeded global macro variables? You should! Deleting macro variables releases memory and keeps your symbol table clean. Learn how the macro language statement that deletes global macro variables and about the %DELETEALL statement that can be a life saver for macro programmers.

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12月 052012
Your macro just crashed and burned.  So, what's the problem?  Let’s take a look: The text OR in the code above was misinterpreted as a logical operator.  To correct this issue, use the %STR function to protect (disable the normal meaning of) special characters and mnemonics in constant text: The [...]
2月 112012
As SAS user Marje Fecht said "We all want a 'SAS programming assistant' to help us complete our jobs more quickly." Fecht, Senior Partner at Prowerk Consulting, then went on to say "In her book SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition, Michele Burlew encourages us to take advantage of the SAS [...]
9月 242011
One of of my favorite reviewer quotes about Michele Burlew's book SAS Macro Programming Made Easy, Second Edition is" [ It ] helps eliminate the 'fear factor' often associated with using macros, while offering valuable insight to programmers with a broad range of experience." --Suson vonLehmden, RTI International I've worked with Michele Burlew [...]