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SASMobile_BI_FAQSAS Visual Analytics users view and interact with reports on their desktop computers or laptops. Many, however, have never heard of the SAS Mobile BI app or how it extends the viewing and interactive capabilities of their reports to mobile devices. SAS Mobile BI app is simple to download to a mobile device, and you can immediately view some sample SAS Visual Analytics reports from within the app.

If your organization has deployed SAS Visual Analytics, but is not taking advantage of the ability to view and interact with reports via mobile devices, I urge you to consider it.  Almost every type of interaction that you have with a SAS Visual Analytics report on your desktop – you can do the same with reports viewed in SAS Mobile BI!

It’s worth noting that having SAS Visual Analytics in your organization is not a requirement for downloading this nifty, free app on to your Android or iOS mobile devices.  Once you download the app, you can view and interact with a wide spectrum of sample SAS Visual Analytics reports for different industries.

Like what you see?

If so, talk with the SAS Visual Analytics administrator in your organization and ask them to enable support for viewing your SAS Visual Analytics reports in the SAS Mobile BI app.

To give you a little more guidance, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about SAS Mobile BI.

Do we need a special license to use SAS Mobile BI?

Absolutely not! It is a free app from SAS that is available to anyone who wants to download it on to an Apple or Android device and view reports and dashboards.

Do we need to have SAS Visual Analytics in our organization to use the app?

No, you don’t.

When the app is downloaded to your device, sample charts and reports are made available to you by SAS via a server connection to the SAS Demo Server.

How do we get this free app?

You can download the free app to your Apple or Android device from:

Apple iTunes Store
Google Play

After downloading the app, what are some things we can do with it?

Well, as soon as you download the app and open it, you have a connection established to the SAS Demo Server which hosts a variety of sample reports with data associated with different industries. These reports give you an idea of the various features that are supported by the app. Here is a snapshot of the different folders that contain sample reports for you to browse and view.



Here is the Portfolio where subscribed reports are available in the form of thumbnails that can be tapped to open them.


If we have reports in our organization that were created with SAS Visual Analytics Designer, can we view those reports in this app?

Absolutely, yes!

The same reports that you view in your web browser on a desktop can be viewed in SAS Mobile BI by using your Apple or Android devices (both tablets and smartphones).  Simply define a connection to your company server and browse for reports. Access to reports from SAS Mobile BI is granted by your SAS Administrator. Report access can be based upon various Capabilities and Permissions.

Live data access requires either a Data or a Wi-Fi connection, and your company may require VPN access or other company-specific security measures. Contact your SAS Visual Analytics Administrator. Also, be sure to mention that there is a comprehensive Help menu within the app that provides answers to queries they might have.

What type of features are available in reports that are viewed from SAS Mobile BI?

Typically, almost all of the features that are available in the desktop-based reports are supported in the app. Drilling, filtering, brushing, display rules, linking, info windows – are just some of the key features available to you when you interact with reports via this app.

I hope you’ve found this blog and the accompanying FAQ helpful. In my next blog I’ll cover some basic security features we’ve built into the app to protect user data.

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