SAS Real-Time Decision Manager

1月 082018

Real-time analytics is, at its most basic, being able to present the right offer at the right time. And it’s the ultimate competitive differentiator in today’s age of highly valued customer experiences. Marketers need to understand why this capability is so important to customers, and how to implement this kind [...]

A marketer’s guide for real-time analytics was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

11月 162017

The concept of real-time customer experiences has been around for a while. However, the ability to deliver real-time customer experiences had been limited until recently. Real-time experiences are progressively and significantly influencing today’s customer journeys. Tomorrow, successful customer journeys will not happen at all without them. What is the meaning [...]

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10月 032017

Real-time customer experiences are an elusive yet coveted goal for all organizations. As competition intensifies in every single industry, organizations want to ensure they are providing customers with unforgettable results. Satisfactory is no longer enough. Not if you want your customers to come back. Forrester Principal Analyst Rusty Warner’s research [...]

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8月 052013
To manage high credit-risk services, such as cash loans and loans for purchases in partner stores, Leto Bank chose SAS® Analytics to automate large quantities of loan application decisions to ensure success of its commercial operations.